Looking for White Blooms

nwgatreasures(7)September 10, 2008

When I decided a few weeks ago to be selective in what I add to my collection, I also decided that I want some white blooming plants.

I'm looking for Southern Sugar (because I saw this in full bloom and fell in love with it)

I'm also looking for suggestions on which white blooming AVs (preferably mini, semi mini) you have on your favorites list.

I like ones that bloom a lot and frequently.

Any suggestions?


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It's a standard, but Nancy Leigh gets my vote. Large full double blossoms with a blush of pink in the center, and very floriferous, long lasting blooms. Arctic Frost is also a standard, large double blossom that last forever.


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I have Gehr Lollipop. Supposed to have a hint of yellow but mine is white double bloom and it blooms alot. Also it is listed as a mini but mine is a small semi-mini size. I really enjoy it. A lot of people love milky way trail, it's often on the favoriets list but it didn't grow or bloom well for me. I'll probably try another one from another source sometime.

My favorite whites are standards: A friend gave me a Gillian starter plant, took forever for it to start blooming but now that it has, it hasn't stopped. They are huge white double flowers. My friend said hers was blooming all year long without stopping. It was beautiful. I had Cool Mint which I loved, it bloomed all the time, the foliage was varigated with white, bloom double with a hint of green around the edges. Another friend had Rapsodie in White and it was very pretty, she gave me a sucker and mine has not bloomed yet although it's been long time it should have...I'm trying bloom buster now.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

There are many white mini/semi minis available. Christening Gown, Lemon Tart (some yellow), Baby Dear, Ballet Taffy, Beca's Green Touch (some pink in center), Ballet Snow Cone, Mystic Green, Little Katherine, Vespa Verde, Petite Blarney.


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