Fertilizing New Babies

abigail1280(8)September 5, 2010

I have several new AV babies growing right now. Some of them are about the size of a quarter, some not that big. Some of them, I've had to remove the mother leaf from because it had started to deteriorate. I was on vacation for 10 days, and my ac went out at some point during that time, and it got very hot and humid in my house. My AVs were not happy about this. I lost one plant, and I may end up losing another, though it's still holding on. Fortunately, all of my babies did quite well, and even having the mother leaf cut off for at least a week now, they're all quite green and beautiful looking. I haven't transplanted any of them yet .. I want to let them grow in their cups as long as possible. It seems as though they've all produced between one and two babies. Any advice on transplanting, or can I just leave them growing as they are for quite a while? Also, when can I start fertilizing them?

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

I usually mix my mother leaf and babies with plants so they get fertilized as usual with the plants. Most do quite well like that.


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I also fertilize mine the whole time, even when it's just the mother leaf starting to root. Works great for me. Since yours haven't been fertilized I think you can start now, but start with a dilute fertilizer so that you don't burn them.


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Thank you for the advice. I have some leaves that are rooted... some very well, and the others rooted, but not real well. Can I give them fertilizer? Or should I wait?

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I wick everything, including new starters, leaves, baby plants, etc.

I use the same water for everything.....fertilizer & Physan.
I don't think I've ever had a problem and I'm not sure that the plants in any stage can tell a difference.


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I have also wanted to ask this question. Actually, I thought I had, but I can't find the thread. So Dora, the leaves you put down. Do you cover your leaves?


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So is it ok to grow newly planted leaves on wick watering?
Do you still cover them(how?)?

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Just thought I'd give everyone an update on my leaves. The mother leaves to these plants were planted on June 3rd. I'm not sure if I replanted them too early, but hopefully they will all survive. I started with 15 leaves, and lost one. I ended up with 19 babies, and put 5 leaves back in soil just to see what happens.

These guys are 2 suckers that I removed from one of my plants. I stuck them in soil too and then read some online and figured they probably wouldn't make it since there wasn't much to them. I decided to leave them anyway, and somehow, they sprouted. I'm a little concerned about the one on the right since it doesn't have much green. Guess I'll see what happens. Bad thing is, I can't remember which plant they were from, lol. I know it's one of two. I'm hoping they're from the African Violet I lost.

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