Fertilizer Salts & Discolorations

nwgatreasures(7)September 7, 2008

Morning Everyone!

About 10 days ago, I adopted a Dresdon Doll in a 6 in. pot. I thought the size of the pot was too large for the size of the plant and removed most of the soil from the root system and repotted it into a 4 in. pot with new soil (1/1/1 mixture that I've used successfully for 6 months now)

I removed the outer most ring of leaves because they were looking old and drab.

I set it up to wick water and the only thing that ever touched the soil from the top was some BBB spray that I sprayed directly towards the base (not the crown) of the plant from an outward direction and then I sprinkled some granules around the outer edge where the dirt meets the pot.

I've noticed this week that the perlite is all orange/brown color. Soil looks fine.

The plant seems to be thriving, I've got several new bloom buds that are coming up and the leaves are crisp and healthy looking....nice form, good symmetry, no irregularites, etc.

There are no salts building up around the edge of the pot that I can see so I'm wondering since nothing has come into the soil from the top, why is my perlite changing colors?

and is there something that I should be concerned about?


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Dresden doll is a trailing african violet. How big is the plant and is it multi-crowned? The bloom are very pretty. Maybe you should leach the soil...run water thru it to take any build-ups out of the old soil. Anything granular I add to the soil, I scratch in or apply as I'm repotting at the root level. rish

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