Lady Ann Kidwell-size?

steelrose(z9 SF Bay CA)July 22, 2011

I understood Lady Ann K to be on the small side, but have now rec'd some contrary info. Not sure how much space to allocate, and am wondering what to project as its mature size.

Any hints?



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jerijen(Zone 10)

Our fairly mature LAK is about 4 ft tall, and perhaps 5 ft. across -- despite having lost substantial amounts of its roots to gophers a couple of years back.

I have seen a VERY old, very healthy and floriferous plant which extended to the top of the peaked roof of a one-story home in Burbank, CA. -- that demonstrates what LAK can do, if allowed to.


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I can't say anything about size, since my LAK is still only about one foot high and wide. But I want to say that this rose is a flowering maniac: always in bloom no matter what. It certainly is visible from a distance too, with that color. A great rose.

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She's so bright I had to hide her. I shoveled her out of her prominent place and put her between other saturated colors (Louis XIV, California Poppies Red Chief)and a small white climber (Francine Austin). I'm allotting her about 3 X 3 max, and not without at least the poppies and Francine muffling her a bit.....:-))))

Well, I was considering tossing her, but that's against my nature; this works.....


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Left to its own devices, LAK will 'build' in the fashion of old Chinas, and just continue to grow and occupy a space; I also saw the very old LAK in Glendale that never received any water other than runoff from a lawn, no fertilizer and no treatments for fungi or insects. It had grown to the size of a standard garage height and about as half as wide. It was subsequently cut down to within two feet of its base and continued to thrive and grow. My own LAK which has to be twenty years old has grown to 9 to 10 feet tall and about half as wide, only to be reduced to half that size with no reduction in eagerness to bloom. I guess the correct answer to your question as to size would be: it will grow to whatever size you want it to be--at least in southern California.

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