Phillip44September 12, 2013

I did a search and have been through many of the older threads but did not see this so if it was asked before I apologize but......

As I stated in another post , I water my plants with my aquarium water . I do not add ferts to the aquarium water , just my ( dechlorinated ) tap water when I run out of the old aquarium water I save in 5 Gal. buckets . I was talking to the owners of a local greenhouse and they stated I should still add ferts . My AVs , along with all my other plants , are thriving and blooming like crazy , so my thoughts are , if it is not broke , don't fix it .

What do you think , should I still add ferts to the aquarium water or would that be overkill ? Most everything they need is right there in the water already .

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I would question if the water has the macro- and micro-nutrients in it but--If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!


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Without going into a long typing spree ( I am a hunt and peck typist) with numbers , test results , dosage etc; etc; , my freshwater set-up is a planted tank and dosed with ferts so the macro/micro nutrients are there . After I re-read my first post , I should clear what I am saying up , I do not add AV ferts to the aquarium water before watering . Maybe that information may have helped in my original post .

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Phillip -

I am siding with Linda. If your plants look good, do not have pale leaves and bloom sufficiently - just let it be. You are feeding them with an organic fertilizer - fish poop.


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too bad this doesn't work for saltwater tanks. my tank might get cleaned more often! :)

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Irina ,
I think the greenhouse was just trying to talk me into buying ferts from them .

Bttrfii ,

LOL . I have now started to clean my freshwater tank every time I need to water my plants . I know the fish are liking it .

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hey... wanna clean mine too? O:-)

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You have a Python ? I hate carrying buckets lol .

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python to me is a dangerous snake, so i assume that no, i do not. :) however my saltwater tank is (perhaps not surprising to anyone who's read my AV preference) micro at only six gallons, so i only have to swap a gallon at a time. []

i have two clown fish, three sand-dwelling snails, a bumblebee snail, a watchman goby, and a tiger pistol shrimp. i wanted to have the water hermit crabs, but they kept running afoul of the shrimp. sigh. i'd take a picture, but it's impossible to keep the front glass clean (and hence it looks horrible, and i ain't showing a horrible picture) since the shrimp and goby have made their home against it and i don't like to disturb them.

what fish do you keep? my favorite freshwater fish are betas and neons. i don't suppose you have those?

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Not the snake , lol . Not a fan of reptiles myself . But a micro aquarium would be a joy to clean compared to my 30+ gallon tanks .

I keep Serpae tetras and Purple Passion Danios in my Freshwater .

I keep Spotted/Figure Eight Puffers in my brackish tank .

I have had betas and Neon Tetras in the past .

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