Which David Austin (DA, english) roses last longest in a vase?

5400janaJuly 30, 2007

Do you have any experience with english roses as cutting flowers? Which are the best? Do you have any experience with cultivar Jayne Austin? Thanks for your responses.

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steelrose(z9 SF Bay CA)

Claire Rose blooms last a long time on the bush or in a vase. Unfortunately it's not a profuse rebloomer.


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bluesibe(NoCa 9a)

Have found that DA roses last about 3 days. I usually leave them on the bush and enjoy them in passing.

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The Austin roses vary greatly in this as in other aspects. Perdita and Jayne Austin I know from experience last a long time in a vase and are also more fragrant and beautiful indoors, if that is possible. There was also an article that touched on this topic printed in an old Heirloom roses catalog (specifically it was about Wedding flowers, I believe) that singled out The Swan and Dove as particularly good for cutting. There must be others as well.

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I was going to have a party and I wanted a big bouquet of English roses from the yard. I picked them eary around sunrise over several days and had them waiting in the fridge in a big vase. Everyone was mad because I booted out the food to make room for the flowers. They lasted well in the fridge several days. Time for the party came and we took them out. They did well all day. The next day, however, they began to come apart. I don't really care if they last that long-I just enjoy them as they bloom. In this So. Cal. heat, they don't last too long on the plants anyway. Romanticas have been better in a vase for me than Austins have.

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I only have a few Austin roses,but of those Fair Bianca lasts a couple of days in the vase. Tamora, shatters as soon as I cut her LOL!

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lemecdutex(z15 CA Petaluma)

The longest lasting ones for us are Fair Bianca (up to a week), Swan, Tradescant (about the same) and Abraham Darby. After that I'd say Golden Celebration, Evelyn, Prospero, The Prince, English Garden, Sweet Juliet and Perdita. The shortest lives are on Heritage, Ambridge Rose and Graham Thomas.


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I have found Swan to be the longest-lasting David Austin rose indoors. Others which are reasonable are Abraham Darby, Jude the Obscure, Radio Times and The Prince. All will last a couple of days longer if some preservative is added to the water in the vase. I hve found this home-made mix to work well viz: 2 teasoons sugar, 1 teaspoon white vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon of bleach to one litre of warm water
Unfortunately Graham Thomas is a spectacular flop as a cut flower- pity!!!


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David Austin now sells tied bouquets by mail order in UK and the varieties included so far are Miranda (Ausimmon), Juliet (Ausjameson), Rosalind (Austew), Emily (Ausglade) and Patience (Auspastor). I have no idea if they are sold as garden plants.

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MaryInSpokane(z6 Spokane)

Radio Times (what an ugly name for such a beautiful, fragrant rose) and Graham Thomas last the longest for me in Spokane.

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The squire lasts almost a week if cut.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Tradescant is my best one for the vase.

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do you find bleach stops the perfume of your cut flowers? Also do cut flowers last any longer floating or under water?

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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

I'm certainly no expert on Austin roses, but the blooms on my Golden Celebration seem to have a fairly long life to them.


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Somebody said to put pennies in the vase to make the roses last longer- ewwww what a smell the roses had after that!

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vase-life in days: (still looking good/petals not dropping)

Heritage 2
Tradescant 4
Wiliam Shakespeare 2ooo 3
Brother Cadfael 5
Benjamin Britten 5
Golden Celbration 3
Scepter D Isle 3
Alnwick Castle 3
Crocus Rose 3
Teasing Georgia 3
Glamis Castle 4
Falstaff 4
Othello 5
Graham Thomas 3
Evelyn 3
Wisley 3
Crocus Rose 4
Abraham Darby 3
The Dark Lady 3
Charles Austin 3

So Brother Cadfael, Benjamin Britten and Othello have the best vase life of the Austins in my experience and I cut many boquets each year from my cutting garden with roses in rows. But is nice to make a really big and luxurious bouquets as a gifts.

I usually mix the red Austins. And the pinks looks nice together too. And the yellows....

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Claire Rose is good blooming all year round here in Thailand. And I think her life longest in vase than other Austin roses about 4-5 day in warm place. Jayne Austin is quite good blooming too but not for long life in vase.

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The squire has an extremely long vase life for an Austin: more than a week. It also lasts long on the bush. I am so surprised that this rose is almost dropped out of commerce.

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karenforroses(z5 NorthernMI)

I asked about vase life at the Michael Mariott/David Austin workshop this month at Ashdown Roses. Michael said he knows the Austin roses do not have a long vase life, although some are better than others (as you can see in the above postings. He did discuss the new line of floral roses David Austin has developed, but said they are not for garden use - need to be grown in greenhouses. He mentioned Green Valley Nursery in California as one that is now shipping bouquets using these new, long-lasting florist Austin Roses. Here's a link:


Here is a link that might be useful: Austin Florist Roses @ Green Valley Nursery

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decobug(z6a Idaho SW)

Patience is so gorgeous at that website!

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triple_b(BC 5b)

Soft and misty photography...talk about Rose Porn! Haha

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Try using 7up instead of water in the vase. The blooms will last longer.

Cupshaped_roses, you have Crocus rose listed twice, once with 3 days and another with 4. Which is it?

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Cymbeline takes my breath away. Now that would be a bouquet!!! Soooooo much nicer than a HT bouquet.


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How about Mary Rose?

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For me, WS2000 lasts a good 5 days. Heritage, sharifa and Carding Mill maybe 3 days each but they are very fragrant all the way.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I wonder whether vase life doesn't also depend on the heat factor in your climate. Roses that may last three days in the winter here droop after one day in the summer, even in air-conditioned rooms. I've just about given up on having any indoor flowers for at least six months out of the year, which is a pity since I love to bring them inside. Humidity may also have a role to play in that the moisture in the air plumps up the roses. We routinely have 10-20% humidity (or lack of) and it does not seem to help the situation.

Lately Janet has been quite a good cut flower, as has Carding Mill. Cottage Rose is also reasonable although very few people here seem to grow this rose. Harlow Carr seems to be a dud in the heat, inside and out, although it's a very pretty rose.

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Does anyone know if any of the David Austin Roses that they use in floral arrangements are available as garden roses that you can grow? I really like Miranda, Phoebe, & Cymbeline. I also like Romantic Antike Freelander which is not an Austin but I love the flower shape and color.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

In the cooler months at least I've noticed that Bishop's Castle lately has lasted three to four days. Sophie's Rose, when cut in very tight bud but with the sepals down, lasts two to three days. Sister Elizabeth is unfortunately not a good cut flower. I seem to have fewer and fewer Austins as time goes on, and I think dry heat, at least in my garden, is not to their liking.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Tess of the d'Urbervilles is a good cut rose.

Most Austins should be cut in tight bud, just after the sepals drop. We are afraid all those petals won't open, but, with most varieties, they will.

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Cymbaline is carried by Vintage garden.


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Ingrid, you make a great point about heat and cut roses. I finally came to that realization this year since I'm doing so much cutting now. We don't air-condition our home, and in the summer cut roses started flopping over before the day was over. In Oct/Nov they last twice as long in the vase as they do in Sept. So, very misleading asking about time in vase. They'll last longer if you keep your house cool, and at different times of year.

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For me its been Wiliam Shakespeare. Its scent is to die for. Some days, its been a permanent fixture against my nose.

In order or how well they do in a vase: Wiliam Shakespeare, Evelyn, Golden Celebration, and Pat Austin. Pat Austin lasts me only a day in a vase. I just tend to enjoy her outside.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Michael's right. We only have a handful of Austins left, but when we cut them, we cut them quite tight, and they will open nicely in a vase. Golden Celebration, definitely. Prospero. Cymbaline, a bit less.

Heritage, when we grew it, had a vase life of a nanosecond. A passing air current, and all the petals fell down in a heap on the table.

DO re-cut the stems under water, at a deep angle, so they can better take up water, and if I am taking some trouble, I will submerge the stem and foliage in warm water -- right up to the neck, and allow them to "repose" that way for an hour or so, in a dimly-lit room.

Aspirin is said to extend vase life (never worked for me, and makes the water look icky) but one of the coolest hints I ever heard was to add a dash of GIN to the water. That does make sense, for there is some sugar, and alcohol, to kill bacteria.

I don't HAVE gin (which tastes nasty to me) but I have used vodka. I think it is helpful, but also wasteful of vodka.



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Pegasus makes a good cut flower. In David Austin's own words: "Its petals are thick and long-lasting, making it a good cut rose." Quote from The English Roses, Classic Favorites & New Selections.

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