Violet Barn website hacked?

SonoritySeptember 25, 2011

Anyone else get a server hacked by tigermate message when they visit the violet barn site?

Of all sites, why would someone target that?

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I get it too. Probably someone trying to get credit card numbers. That's my guess anyway. Or they just do it for a stupid ego boost of "look what I can do."

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irina_co(z5 CO)

We had our club site hacked once. Larry_B put a lot of time and love building the site - and even more time - rebuilding. Why - because they can and they are malicious. Why some kids are torturing animals? Because they are preparing to torture people when they grow up. Psychopathic behavior.

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Robbery, like website vandalism, targets people who fit a particular profile, like the rich or elderly. When you put yourself out on the web, your server hosting the site has characteristics, i.e. the operating system, and various back end things like databases. In the same way a criminal profiles a person they profile a computer system. We get upset because we like Rob and his site, but to the criminal it's not necessarily personal as much as it is they have the right profile to attack. As an IT professional I have some experience defending against these types of things. We can get a website up fairly easily, but there is a lot of bad IT services out there, if the site isn't protected or if it's not backed up regularly etc... There are common exploits out there which make it easy to "hack" a site, and it doesn't take much skill to do, but usually these attacks are the result of the IT person setting up the website not being aware of such exploits. Smaller sites like Rob's tend to be set up by either the in house person or a friend, not a professional, so the people setting it up tend to not be as experienced in securing a site.

just my $.02

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The Violet Barn redid their website. I just tried it and it works fine. (

However, I'm having problems viewing the photos on the AVSA site. I cannot access any photos. Any advice?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

It is under quite a lengthy reconstruction. Wish them luck!

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