rotting leaves?

donnaviolaSeptember 2, 2007

donnviola here with a question of what causes leaves to suddenly go limp and they are brown and rotten at the crown of the plant? I know sometimes it is root rot but it doesn't always seem to be rotten atthe crown. I read a article in the AVSA magazine about someone that called it a virus that she was fighting. Does anyone have an idea? THanks

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Sorry I should have read the AVSA May/June magazine before I posted this regarding rotting leaves. Has anyone heard ofRhizoctonia salani? There is an article by Joyce Stork on page 31 which describes the rotting leaves. She says you can treat it (should act as quickly as possible) with Banrot 8G, but I looked it up and it is very expensive. Does any one knowof something else that could treat this problem? Thanx donnaviola

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

This sounds like a fungus and should be treated with a fungicide.

Sorry I haven't had this problem so can't recommend a product.

You could scrape out the center, check very carefully that the roots are white and not brown. Then wait for new suckers to grow in the center.

You could do a computer search on this disease which would help more.


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I am assuming you know it isn't water that was standing in the crown that caused it. I once rotted crowns of a lot of new plants because I sprayed them with safer insecticide, the extra spray left in the crowns rotted them. Now anytime I spray or get water at the crown, I blot it out with a tissue. tish

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erlyberd(Z5 CT)

Never had the problem but sometimes my mom constantly over waters a mini or two and they just rot. I just throw them away for her. I have too many plants to deal with that so I just give her one to replace it.

You could try and see what the Doc has to say.

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