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nccactuslady(7)September 26, 2007

Hi everyone... can someone tell me how and when to pot up babies started from leaves? Do I cut off from the "mother" stem leaving all the roots with the babies? How big of a pot do I need to use for the babies?

Thanks for any help.


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irina_co(z5 CO)


there is a wonderful site where a lot of things are explained and illustrated by a bunch of pics.

I would suggest for you to look it up so you would get the general idea. The whole site is a treasure.

Good Luck


Here is a link that might be useful: Rachel's Reflections

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Irina thank you so much

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I can never find small pots for babies so I use those small plasic dixie cups with a hole poked in the bottom.When they get bigger I use bigger dixie cups.I usually seperate them from the mom when the leaves are nickel sized.I just pull them off the mom....:0)marigene

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I can get a lot of small plastic pots. They're 2" wide, with many holes in the bottom. In fact I've been using them for my violets during the first 3, 4 months of their life. The pot cost $0.1 each. The only draw back is they're "black"!
Should you like them, I can get them to you in exchange for stuff like perlite, vermiculite, bark chips, etc. which I normally cannot find where I am. Email me if you're interested.


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I too searched for just the right small cup for babies and leaves. There is a coffeemaker called a Kuerig that uses a prepackaged 2 ounce cup that is the perfect size. My bank has one in the lobby for customers, and I discovered the cups there. I had them save the 'garbage' because it drops the cup into a bin automatically, and I cleaned them out and re-used them. I found a bulk deal on the same cup on e-bay. I just looked, and only see the 2 ounce souffle cup, which is wider and shorter, so not really good for this purpose. However, some party supply stores may sell the right cup as a container for 'jello shots.' In looking online, some are the taller narrower one, some sell the souffle type. Solo makes them, so you may find them as a special order item.
In summary, google for Kuerig, jello shot, and solo cup, and you'll come up with some pictures.

Are you still in Seattle? We lived in Mukilteo.


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