AVSA Scale of Points

minimac(6 So In. Louisville Ky)September 12, 2010

Hi All,

I was looking in my Growing to Show book on the check-list of what the judges look for in a show plant. In there it has for example symmetry - 25 points, condition - 25 pts. and so on, but what would really be helpful for me to know is the points judges take off for say smaller leaves below large leaves or to perhaps leave on a slightly damaged leaf. How many points are taken off for each?

Under condition it asks "Have all damaged leaves been removed? (If a damaged leaf affects symmetry, consider the option of leaving it vs. removing it." Guess I need to know my options. LOL

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

The Growing to Show book is probably the best book you can buy on AVs.

For those baby leaves, smaller rounded leaves under the larger leaves, judges can take off up to 3 points, for each. Some judges would be lenient and take off only one point or two just to help you out. So those baby leaves really are very important to remove.

You may have a damaged leaf or one marked in some way. You could remove it, but it may leave a hole in the symmetry, so it might be worth the lesser points being taken off. A speck of dirt or hole in leaf, or crack or some sort of damage on the leaf--depending on the size and the judge would be from about half a point to a point for each piece of soil, or damage. A missing leaf in the symmetry would mean many more points taken off, possibly up to three points.

A judge can be lenient or very tough. If the show is full of perfect, beautifully grown plants, he/she may judge with full points taken off.


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HI Mac,
As Nancy explained a judge may deduct points for many things. I personally deduct a point for each secondary leaf and maybe a half point for marred leaves. Most points have deductions for condition and these are more severe than any of the others, under condition I deduct points for secondary leaves and dirt etc. There are things that can be controlled by the grower so they should be corrected before judging.
Fred in NJ
A good source for knowing what can be deducted is the AVSA Handbook for growers and ju dges
. Fredin NJ

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minimac(6 So In. Louisville Ky)

Thanks for your replies. I entered the Ohio State Show Sept. 16-19, and wasn't sure about a couple of plants. Had a Bob Serbin with three discolored (older) leaves on outer edge. I left them on till I got there. I wasn't confident enough to take them off. My violet mentor extraordinaire who is also a judge told me "never, never leave leaves like those on!" After they came off the gaps weren't so bad. Whew!

I now have an AVSA Handbook. You're right Fred, just what I needed. It will be especially useful in calculating point deductions for my "next" collection class.


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