Reversing tight crown damage

trace00969September 28, 2007

Hi everyone, I have been keeping an eye on several threads about tight crowns due to too much light......and I am positive I have this problem. I have known for a couple months, so I have been adjusting lights and their distance, and I have tried keeping the lights on for only 12 hours. But I still cant get it right. So any way, I still have some that have been moved to an east window, so that problem will start fixing itself......but now I am wondering, how long it takes before the stems of each leaf lengthen, will the leaves every lose the tight curl around the edge? How long before I realize the damage is going away?

I hope someone understands what I am trying to ask.....I couldnt find anything in other threads, so here I am. I am also quite positive the damage is not from mites as there are no other symptoms, and I realize the problem that I kept the lights to close (and probably still do).

So to reverse this?? Any thoughts?



I can also post pics of a few of the Av's if anyone would like to see....can do that later tonight.

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korina(9b, Sunset 17)









The watchword when working with AVs. Be prepared to wait a few anxious weeks before you start noticing real changes. The only way to stop light damage is to reduce the light intensity. What kind of lights do you have? That's vital. Some pics would be good, too.

Good luck.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Tracy -

There is more than 2 reasons of bunched crowns - I mean light and mite. It can be cold, it can be pesticide spray, wrong Ph - both too alkaline and too acid, it can be something that plagues half of the country and not still identified.

In any case - the life of the leaf is 1 year. So if it is crunched - it will never be as good as never crunched no matter what you do. Wait for half a year or so - until these now slightly distorted leaves are getting to the outside part of the crown, remove them and all leaves under them, repot to lower down and cover the stem - and provided that it WAS the problem - you will get a potentially show quality plant in several more months.

You can drop the hours on your stand to 8 and see how it works.

Good Luck


PS Our Fred from NJ posted an example how to fix the plant with a "break in culture" defect in leaves and basically that's what you will have as a result of too much light for some time. These damaged small leaves will be damaged medium size leaves and then damaged outer leaves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fred's AV surgery

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