my 13 year old Violet is dying!! HELP!!

crystalg_2010September 23, 2010

Long story short: I bought 5 African Violets about 13 years ago when my DH and I first got our own place. I moved about 9 years ago and only 2 survived the move. Well I've delt with ant infestations, the change from well water to city water, repotting, and placement. The last two survivors have hung in there well with me. Now a few years ago I had to repot the surviving two. Then earlier this spring one of them started growing an Elephant Ear in with it. Well, the Elephant ear was taking all the nutrition so I took it out of the pot. I don't know where it came from. I don't even have any Elephant ears in my house at all! Any way, I noticed that the Voilet is still not growing even after I took the Elephant Ear out. Now most of the Violet is dead. It is dying from the inside out. The stem is dead looking but there are three leaves that are still green on the end. Is there any way I can save my plant? What happened to it to begin with? I have never seen anything like this. The middle and stems are all dead, but 3 leaves are still green. Thanks for all replies.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Is the middle yellowish or is it like ashes?

Hope you kept the Elephant Ear; it's such a nice plant.


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minirose1(z6 AR)

I would cut off the leaves that are still green and root them for new plants.

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