Violet ID

bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)September 25, 2009

I grew this plant from a leaf I got a few years back from a family member. I was wondering if anyone knows the name of this one. It's a regular size, not a miniature and blooms constantly, not seasonal.

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inlovewithhoyas(Boston,MA Z6)

I got one that looks just like that. They are really pretty, but just as yourself I don't have an id for it. I bought it @ stop and shop and they don't usually have tags in them. I'm pretty sure someone here will help you ID it.

Nae boston

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Hi Bill~
Very pretty AV. I love the color. Sorry I can't help with the ID either, but I wanted to comment on how crowded the plant looks. It may just be the angle, but it appears there is an awful lot of leaves coming from all directions. Have you ever re-potted it?

The experts will probably jump in and correct me, just goin by what I see.


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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

It is looking almost straight down. I have just repotted it about two months ago. All the leaves radiate out from the center forming a very even round, flat shape and the flowers are filling the center. Almost looks like somebody arranged a bouquet.

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Many violets look alike, so it's impossible to find its real name. Most bought in stores are not named. It is a beautiful plant and you can give it a special name of your own. I have many NOIDs and I name them Eileen's ******. If I trade or give them away, I tell the person that they are NOIDs.

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