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nwgatreasures(7)September 26, 2008

I've recently decided to swap/trade with other AV lovers but I spent a long while this week trying to figure out how to best package these things so they would arrive in usable condition.

I do not want to have spent the time propogating and caring for these precious plants and then have them be ruined in transit.

I've got several plants right now that are waiting to be sent to others and I can't figure out how to best package them.

These are plants, not leaves. They have wicks in them and are planted in solo cups. I used baby food jars to hold water and the plants are in excellent condition.

How to pack, what to package in, etc. I appreciate quick responses since I am already days after I promised to ship out.



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Here is how Rob's Violets ship (link below). My order from them arrived in good condition.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rob's Violets -

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The information from Rob's website is pretty comprehensive. The only thing I would add is that in my experience, a plant that has really stiff leaves, such as one on wicks or just watered, is more likely to have broken leaves from 'bending up' to wrap. I take mine off the reservoir for a few days so the stems are a little more flexible. One could also use the plastic sleeves/cones that many violets are shipped in, and then finish off in a newspaper cone.

I have watched Olive wrap plants for shipping. She very gently coaxes the newspaper under the leaves and forms the 'cone' without breaking leaves. Magic.....


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That explanation (on Violet Barn) is helpful.
Thanks. Hopefully, I'll be able to package soundly and ship without damage.


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Thanks for the great link. Now, how do you ship leaves?
I just sent some leaves out, in 2" dixie cups with moist spagham moss in bottom, and them in plastic baggie. Person received them and said they were mush. I thought it was a good way. Please tell me how to ship. I want to replace them to her.

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Shipping leaves is really pretty easy. In this case, you want leaves nice and crisp. Write the name on a baggie and place the freshly cut leaf inside, squeeze out most of the air, and you are ready to go!. Be sure to ship priority mail. You want to keep the leaves from moving around in the box, so I tape the bags to a piece of lightweight cardboard and tape the cardboard to the inside of the box. VHS tape mailers make great boxes for quite a few leaves.

Be sure to consider temperatures along the trip, and use a bigger box with insulation if needed.


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Thanks Barbara. It sounds easy enough. I'll do as you said. Hope they make it this time.

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