Some recent pics of my favorites

nwgatreasures(7)September 21, 2008

These were taken this weekend while I was tinkering with my plants.

this one is my favorite leaf right now: Lullaby

this one is my favorite bloom: Texas Stardust

And some of my other babies:



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Very nice Dora.
I love the foliage on "Lullaby"

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Nice plants! They all look very healthy.

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Thanks Dragonfly,
I love the foliage on the last picture, bottom left hand of the picture. Only problem is that we don't know what it is.

It came from the woman I got the plant stand from. She had over 400 violets upon her death and was known as the violet lady for over 20 years. The sticker on the pot says, "Astro" but we (almost everyon in our local society) haven't been able to identify it or find that name.

I'm hoping it will bloom in the next few weeks to give us a clue to who s/he is.

She had some varieties that were neither registered with AVSA or the DAVS (to which she was a longtime member) but which she grew and shared as belonging to her.


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