Bigger Pot?

LunRTwilight(7)September 30, 2013

My Louisiana Lullaby has long petioles and stretches about 9" across at its widest point. Is it time to re-pot? What size pot would be best? 2"?

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Your plant does look like it is bigger than 3 times the diameter of the I guess you could go up especially if you want it to get bigger.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

You need to slip pot it very carefully - get 3" pot or about - put soil on a bottom - and stick the empty solo pot - and pack the soil around it. Get the small pot out - and slip the rootball in a hole. This way your plant will not get disturbed and will continue to grow without a delay. You can remove a row of smaller baby leaves off at the same time. It is one very beautiful variety and it will probably bloom for you in a month.

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Thanks, Begonia and Irina. I can't wait for it to bloom! Now that you predicted when it will flower, I'm really excited! (I don't know why I wrote 2" pot... It came in a 2.5", so obviously I meant 3")

I re-potted my violet yesterday. I measured it at 10" across today, so my guess was close, but short. It has done amazingly well in the short time I've had it. It was growing almost straight up when it came in the mail from Fancy Bloomers (a free gift from Donna with my order). I thought the packaging caused it to stand up, but it could have been growing towards a flourescent light. With natural light and the office lights, it has started to lay flat and dwarf the pot even though they say to keep them in the same pot for a month, it just didn't seem fair to wait that long.

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This is my first and only trailer. As you can see, it is recovering from a cat attack and is getting new growth. Can I take the half-chewed leaves off yet? Or leave them until it has gotten a few new leaves? When will I need to move this little guy to a bigger home?

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Hi Lisa
I got some lovely plants from Fancy Bloomers also,
and other plants from another grower at the same time.
I was worried that they pointed straight up with long
petioles. I was advised on this fourm, i think, by Linda,
that they pointed straight up because of crowded green-house growing conditions. The plants I got have all
recovered. The plants from Donna were large in
comparison with the pot size, so I
repotted them before I read on this forum not to.
However, it has been about a month or so, they
are doing well. I used 3" pots. (I actually used 4"
but read here to put them in 3", so I repotted them
down to 3".) As for the ones from the other grower,
they were in even smaller pots than Donna's, with
wicks, and were not able to stand up straight.
I propped them up inside cache pots, putting
cardboard on the edges so the leaves would
not touch the rims. I repotted some of them
from 2" to 3". All of these, the ones from Donna
and the ones from the other grower, have all
been in a humid bathroom under fluorescent
lighting all this time. They are doing fine now.
I turn the lights off at night. I moved a few
out into daylight. They are doing fine. However,
they all thrived under the fluorescent light.
Anyway, this experience is from someone who is
a hobbyist, NOT an expert. Just sharing my experience
with Donna's plants. I would definitely order from her
again! I got more than my money's worth and her
customer service is great. I probably would not order
from the other grower. I think the other one is more
for the "experts." When the plants arrived from the
second grower all wilted
and floppy, I pushed the panic button. I was assured
on this forum that was normal and they would revive.
They did, in time.


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bragu_DSM 5

You know, it is absolutely amazing what a bathroom environment can do for plants.

The moisture from the shower, as well as the lighting seems quite conducive to a healthy atmosphere. Our "zimmer" has a large skylight so it is quite bright: another plus.

We used to have *yuck* plastic flowers around the tub for some faux green-ness but I pitched those and now have about ten AVs which are doing quite well IMHO, several of which have very nice leaves that are almost as rewarding as flowers ...


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irina_co(z5 CO)

With your wicked sense of humor, Dave - I wouldn't be surprised you'd start growing poison ivy around your shower. Beware - your family will rebel and drown you - you know where.

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Or maybe the family might slip in some of those flesh-eating plants that Jeff
Smith mixes in with his violets to swallow up any bugs.

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bragu_DSM 5

Irina ... I have been jaundiced by the world around me. I was wondering why my acerbic sense of ???? gets me in deep doo doo all the time but then again, I don't worry about it.

Most people either hate me, or they hate me.

My violets wuv me tho ... and I wuv them ... my hostas too

Now my orchids? Only time will tell. Copious amounts of time, I suspect.


Dave (something wicked this way came)

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Hmmm....Most people either hate me, or they hate me. Methinks thou dost protest too much...


P.S. Enough of the 'barking spiders'!! I have a visual in my head that I really would like to get rid of!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dave - you are in trouble. Spiders are going to get you.

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