AV Ramblin' Man

junebabeSeptember 4, 2010

Hi Members, I feel like I know many of you already. I have lurked here for several months and have read everyone of your topics and discussions. Thanks to you I feel rather at ease with my AV collection. Just wait though until thrips visits me and I'll be the biggest crybaby. WAH-WAH

I wonder if any of you have any information about the "trailer" (I believe) Ramblin' Man? I think I received him as a gift along with one of my orders. Main thing I wonder is the size he will be, Std., Min. TIA Linda

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Ramblin' Man is not on FC2. I can't say if it is standard or semi mini trailer. If the leaves are rather larger, I would guess it to be a standard. Smaller leaves would indicate a semi mini trailer.


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Thank you Nancy for looking in FC2. After I posted I found it in AVSA and had overlooked it there. It must not be very populer ...are ones like this eventually "weeded" out of record? The leaves are rather small and are trying to trail already. But I see no bloom stalks - the picture of it on AVSA showed a pleasant fuschia colored bloom. If anyone is interested I should have several Travlin' Man plants next Spring.

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Bloody Mary!!! What did I do that this form came along with my message. Guess you can tell I didn't get an A in computer class. Sorry Linda

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Hi Linda, where did you find it on AVSA? I didn't find it in the photo's. I would like to see it as I collect some of the rammblin trailers


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Hello all....guess I need to get my facts straight before asking a question. The violet is Travlin' Man not Ramblin Man. Must have been having one of those senior moments. Thank you Vera for your interest and kind reply. Think you will be able to find it on ASAV now! The plant is really spreading and trailing nicely - can't wait until it blooms. Linda

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FC2 lists Travelin' Man as a standard.

According to Bill Price, grower extraordinaire of trailers, the size of the LEAF on a trailer is what is used to determine its size category. This makes perfect sense, as an older, mature miniature trailer could cover many inches.

I don't have the measurements with me, but when I get home I'll post them.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

It is a great standard trailer with gorgeous fuschia color semi bell flowers with narrow petals=.

It refused to bloom for me until it matured. It took almost a year - but it sure joy to look now.


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Thanks to you girls, The Travlin' Man has gained new respect and interest - to me anyway! Just hope I can groom it right. It was looking really shabby in the little pot it came in so I took it apart and put it in a wide shallow pot. I just reset three crowns in that pot and was left with more crowns that I potted up alone. Irina I hope it won't take a year for it to bloom for me but sounds like it will be worth the wait. Thank you Barbara too for contributing your piece of the puzzle.

You are all great experts, how fortunate we are to have your input on this forum. Linda, Junebabe

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Hi Junwbabe,
IF you intend to exhibit the plant it must be a single plant in one pot with a minimum of three crowns, not three separate crowns.
Fred in NJ

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Hi Fred, Glad you pointed out that to show a trailer you had to start with a single plant. So do you ajust the pot for the estimated size of the trailer? And do you pot up as the trailer spreads out? I'm LOST!! But can't imagine ever showing either!!! Thank you for taking the time to try to help me out. Smiles, junebabe, Linda

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irina_co(z5 CO)

If you ever decide to try to grow trailers to show - there is a fun DVD- finally - by Bill Price "African Violet Trailers - Making Them Do What I Want Them to Do". Price $19.95 on AVSA.org site option "Store".
I am sure Fred will explain you in details about the pot size for trailer - but in a short version - you need to repot any violet - rosette or trailer every 6 months to a year - and you can choose the pot size so it will look right. The idea - you do not want to show the dirt and you do want to have enough soil to accommodate the roots.
The standard trailers can become really big and beautiful specimens - I saw one at least 24" wide at Raleigh Convention.


I need to repot my Travelin' Man!!!

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Hi Irina, I will check out that video - sounds very interesting I think I will need it if I'm ever to grow one properly. I love trailers: there's just so much going on with them. Just since I first posted the Travlin' Man has pretty much filled it's pot. Not a sign of a bud though. Per your earlier post I'm resigned for a long wait. Oh well, I'll just concentrate a little more on Chantaspring which needs repotting. It's a lovely thing!! Thanks for your input Irina, you always have such good advice! Smiles, junebabe, Linda

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Linda -

I desperately need to repot my Chantaspring! Just so many hours in weekend and I am way too tired to repot after work. You just have to have a proper mood to work with plants - otherwise they won't grow...


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Hello Friends, I'm determined to use wicking to water the majority of my AVs. Used nylon stockings at first....nope the plants were just sopping wet. Then I tried the 4 ply acrylic yarn for the big plants and 2 ply for the little ones....nope way to wet except for the really big AVs. So now I'm rethreading yarn in most of my plants. I use 1:1&1/2:1 soil mix that you recomend on the forum. I wonder if I pack the soil too much? They are really wet. I've tried dumping the plant out and drying it out on paper towels. Its a lot of work....any suggestions? junebabe, Linda

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Sorry friends, I was trying to start a new thread. junebabe, Linda

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I am new to AV's, and really looking to start my collection! I have been looking for a trailer to add to my very small collection of AV! If you are maybe interested in trading a clipping, please let me know. The only thing I have to trade right now is a beautiful "little Comanche". Let me know if you are interested.
Also, if you have any good books for beginners you could recomend to me!

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Hello Donivan, I would happily exchange clippings with you. Are you hoping to get that done yet this fall? I have the book,"You CAN Grow African Violets" by Kent and Joyce Stork. It's a good one for beginners which I consider mysely too. My email address is rlseddon@grm.net. I would like a few details about little Comanche. junebabe, smiles, Linda

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