Spunky Trailer (Mini)

j0onahra3September 4, 2012


Does anybody know where I can purchase the mini trailer variety called spunky trailer? I've seen pictures, but I can't find where to purchase a leaf or the plant anywhere.


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It's hard to find. I would try eBay.


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Aw man. I guess I should just wait until someone sells some on ebay.

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I found this plant listed on Hoover's Hybrids blog (outdated but he has a facebook site) mentioning it's one of his 3 favorite trailers. Go like him (when he gets to 200 there's a drawing for something AV related ;) Then be a stalker/begger/buyer and see if he still has it...

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Dognapper, THANK YOUUU! I will try and bug him to get me a leaf or so. I really want to try this trailer out. I like how the flowers are pink instead of the more common purple blooms that I've seen on other miniature trailers.

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