Baby from section of leaf

TeaZing(PA 19064)September 15, 2005

I got my first baby from a section of the leaf.. Ness Orange Pekoe.. I have never sectioned off the leaf before and decided to try it out.. it worked!! I section off a leaf in 8 sections and still have enough for the leaf stalk. Sometimes I can get up to 10.. depending on the size of the leaf. Mini's you can forget 10.. more like 2-3. So far I have almost 2000 leaf stalks and sections down.. each section should produce one or more babies and the leaf can produce up to unlimited babies. But I am just expecting one.. if there is more I will be dancing or DEAD!!

So far I have lost about 6 leaf stalks and/or sections.. everything is rooting. Now you know what I will be doing this winter.. POTTING AND POTTING AND POTTING!!

I look at a leaf and say "well let's see how many sections I can get off you!!"

I do not use roottone on my leaf stalk.. but do use roottone with fungicide on my sections. NO CINNAMON.. I tried that and it did NOT work!! But the roottone does work. I put the section just barely beneath the soil, leaving as much of the leaf as possible above. You just want to have contact with the soil.. not bury it!! When I put it in the soil.. I press the soil against the section gently.

I use aluminium pans with lids.. so when the pan is full I cover it with the plastic lid and set it under my lights.. forget it.. until about 2 months then I look to see how it is doing. At that time I may mist it again, lightly, with diluted fertilize for a boost, cover it up again and look in about 2 months again. That is when I discovered I had a baby coming up.. now for the others.. not sure how long it will take for these sections.. but I have plenty of time and if they do not do anything by spring, I will toss them out.. 8 months is long enough to give them a chance to produce!!

At first I did not have lights so I put them near my windows in every room.. when I finally put up a shelf with lights I put them under the lights.. I think this helped a lot. I have noticed all my babies are growing so much faster than in natural light.

Still need to get more shelves.. finally found a new (in the box) metal shelf at an estate sale for $4.. saved a bundle. It is 72 x 18 x 36 inches, so it will be find until I can get another one. I hang 4 ft lights as they are cheaper than 3 ft lights.. with the extended light, there is no loss of light at the end. And the light end that is extended off the shelf, I am able to put another container of leaves right on top, it gets light from the light above. Plus I can put some containers on the floor right under the extended light.. so I am not losing much. You can also hang baggies of leaves or plants off the end of the shelves.. they get lots of light there and do not burn.

Where there is a will there is ALWAYS a way!!


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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic example of an 'addict'. This person probably started innocently with one plant, enjoyed the sensation of pride when it bloomed, and so went back for more. Soon the subject found that she(?) had to accumulate more and more plants to assuage her growing need; now her addiction is so great that she has to have *hundreds* of plants and plants-to-be.

Ladies and gentlemen, where will it end? How much more can this poor, sad, wreck of a woman take before her mind and her finances *break*?? I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, look into your hearts and ask yourselves; is she really so different from me?

Thank you.

Korina (Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week!)

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Well I definitely consider myself to be in the addict category for sure...I have 100 leaves down and I thought I was nuts (my husband definitely thinks I am)....Tea your either totally insane or you are starting a commercial business!! am trying to figure out what I'm going to do with all my leaves when they become leaf pots!!!!!! I honestly can't imagine what I would do with over 2000!!!!!

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When all 2000 leaves start having babies, please keep my name on your mailing list. I would be interested in some of your selection.

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Congrats on your leaf section producing a baby. You deserve to be proud of yourself. You say you have lots of time to wait, and soon you will have lots and lots of babies. Isn't it wonderful waiting and anticipating what they will look like once grown and blooming! The great thing about putting down so many is that after they become grown, if some don't turn out as expected(poor bloomer, etc.)you have others which can take its place.

I'm to the saturation point and even have difficuly in finding a place to start leaves, not to mention where they will be located after grown. I guess that is reason enough for me to weed out my collection a little. I lost some babies due to a watering fiasco when gone for a few days, but am restarting them again from leaves. I need another shelf or stand but my husband said enough is enough and I guess he's right although I hate to admit it!!

I love your enthusiasm and it gives me quite a boost to read your posts. Thanks for sharing!!!


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TeaZing(PA 19064)

Yall are as crazy as I am.. actually I use to raise violets over 30 years ago.. had kids.. so violets had to go.. now I am back into growing them again.. and YES.. I can not get enough.. everytime I use my FirstClass program, I see more I want to own.. so I go searching for the leaves.. can not afford the plants!! I know I will have to sell some of these next year to help pay for my habit!! LOL.. my husband says either sell them or we are going to go broke!! But I will have lots of babies and leaves to share.. just need to keep 2 plants of each for myself.

Right now I do not have any micro-mini's but am sure someone out there would be willing to trade for one. Uh hmmmmmmmmmmm Korina (wink) (wink). I do have mini's and semi-mini's.. but mostly standards. I have suckers on my Organdy Trinket (semi-mini).. beautiful bloom if you love green frills, fringe or ruffles, check it out on the AVSA page (it is in the FirstClass database)... Green is my favorite of all... so about 65% of what I have, do have some green on the blooms.

You have heard of the Bloomin' Onion.. well now there is a Bloomin' Violet Idiot!! Not pointing any fingers.. sitting on my hands! I know when I point a finger.. three of my fingers are pointing back at ME!!

If you do not hear much from me this winter.. you know what I will be doing.. I LOVE IT!!!! And when they all begin to bloom.. I will be toasting them with a champagne (filled with beer.. can not afford the good stuff)! Besides why drink, when I can buy more LEAVES!!

Thanks for of yall's comments.. but I am sure YOU are just as bad!!


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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

Moi?? No, I'm not anywhere *near* as bad as you are. Okay, only because I don't have ANY room left, at all, but still...


'Funny little human brains. How do you get around in those things?' -the Doctor

PS Tea, you might want to have that twitch looked at (wink). ;-)

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TeaZing(PA 19064)

Twitch or glitch??? (wink)

Plants on Ebay are getting cheaper and cheaper as the fall approaches.. I have received several emails from vendors that are offering fantastic sales on plants.. one is even paying for the shipping!! Just purchased Optimara Evergrace for $4.. earlier in the summer I could not get near it for less than $10. And this one if over 5 inches and starting to bloom. Of course I will be putting down some of the leaves!!! There are always broken leaves when the plants arrive. Probably can get at least 7 sections plus the leaf stem per leaf.

Maybe I should try some Micromini's .. I bet their leaves are tiny!! Could root one of those and grow it in a capsule!!


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OMG! I am so crazy about these violets. Yes, Korina, it does start so innocently. One AV, rescued from the abuse of Walmart, brought home and got so beautiful (even after that near death experience at the superstore). Now I think I am an African Violet godess! Now, and thanks to the good sellers at EBay, I own more than I can count and have several leaves rooting.
(What is this need to propagate? Is it being post menopausal? Well, maybe that's for another forum.)
I am going to the store today to get shelves as I am overgrowing my poor small dresser.
Pray for me.

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I have one (i think) mini, bloom colour is a double dusty pink, my mom gave me 3 leaves one winter, stating they are very hard to root. Well.....each leaf gave me 4 little plants, and when they were near all blooming at the same time and grouped together, did they ever look sweet.

Everyone who came over and gushed over them were offered one - and they'd take one home, sometimes killing it quickly (unintentionally) or slowly (still unintentionally), so that just gives me purpose to make more! Now I've (unintentionally) overwatered one, and beheaded it and am rooting it in water (because I do not have luck doing it the soil/perlite - only the leaves seem to work that way), and the stump is showing about 8 little suckers. Now I've got it in my head that maybe one of those will be a different shade, so I'm compelled to keep it around and hoping they get big enough for me to do surgery on and root and wait for them to bloom (taking a breath here) and maybe I'll end up with something different? (yes, I know the odds are not in my favour, but it's fun waiting to find out).

Oh, and I pot mine up in little plastic shotglasses I buy from the dollar store, they are only 1 1/2 inches across and deep, it's just so easy to overwater, although most of my plants are way too long in the same pot (my sister has had hers in the same shotglass of soil for 2 years now, and it is still green and blooming! But then, she can grow anything will minimal effort).

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The down side is it takes a lifetime to water. And you can't leave the house for longer than a week and a half. I'm not even going to go there with the repotting, shelf space, light, etc. Then it gets to a point (unless you are a seller) where you can't even give them away anymore! PS: church yard sales/festivals love to sell your donated extra plants (for about 25 or 50 cents each).... ha.

signed: not the addict I have been the last 2 years! tish

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On the up side, my 13 yr old daughter is totally delighted with the babies coming up from leaves from Rob's Bad Bunny. She is hooked! I have promised her shelves and pots for her own babies.
The other day, we potted up some Rob's Lilli Pilli leaves together. She loves this beautiful trailing av and can't wait to see the "mickey mouse" ears come up in a couple of months.
At last! One of my daughters shares an interest of mine. Who'd a thunk it?
Here's a picture of the tiny babies from Bad Bunny leaves, they are the light green v-shaped ones in front of the big leaf:

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