help my plant is dying!

AdelleRWTSeptember 10, 2012

I have an african violet that was given to my mother just before she died, 11 years ago. It has done well and I have enjoyed watching it grow and flower. A week ago I wasn't thinking and took the entire lid off the fertilizer and dumped in about a tablespoon before I caught myself (usually just give a couple of drops.) I tried pouring it out but it soaked in. The next day it was droopy so I decided to repot it in fresh soil. That didn't help and it looks bad. I clipped a couple of leaves off to try to start new plants but don't know if they are healthy enough. Is there any way to save the plant at this point?

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

I think it's likely too late to counteract the fertilizer burn. I would have immediately totally flushed the plant over and over, washing away the soil, then allowed the remainder of the rootball to dry on towels as much as possible. Repotted in a mix with mostly perlite. Put a dome or large Baggie over it and said prayers. You could probably still do this and keep your fingers crossed. But saving some of the leaves may be the best that you were able to do. I feel for you.

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Thanks! I should have looked something up on how to save it right after it happened because it really does look beyond hope at this point. I am not sure the leaves I clipped are healthy enough to start a new plant, but I am trying. If not, I guess I will just need to buy a new plant in my mother's honor.

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