Elenors VF-11

rachelcharlieSeptember 16, 2007

Has anyone ever tired this? It claims that it will get rid of powdery mildew and keep your plants blooming and looking lovely. Is this true?


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I haven't tried it, but Lysol spray will work. If you get it on the blooms, it will stain them. I spray some into a small container so that I have the liquid. Using a q-tip, I 'paint' the leaves of the whole plant. I have never lost a plant after this treatment. Spraying directly onto the plant can harm it because it is very cold coming out of the can.


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Don't think I've seen advertisments that Eleanor's V-11 will control mildew. This is a type of fertilizer.

If you use this, do not use it alone or you will get very yellow leaves.

Sometime ago this was big. There were people who would die for it they thought it so good. Others tried it and got very yellow leaves.

Logically if you use any fertilizer for 6 months or so, the plant is going to suffer somewhere. It needs to be fed, leaves, roots and center as well as protect it against sickness.

The three numbers on all fertilizers provide this: first number for nitrogen, leaves; second number for roots and bud count, flowers; and third for general health for the plant as well as bud count.

If you use a fertilizer that is say .02-5-.02, you are getting so little nitrogen the plant will eventually give trouble.

I change fertilizers each two months. 20-20-20, 15-30-15, and for show 5-52-10, then back to 20-20-20. I ocassionally use bloom boosters which high middle number just before show and that for a few weeks only.

Epsom salts is good for green foliage. Fish emulsion doesn't have very high numbers but is a natural fertilizer.


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