Anyone shorten long neck of blooming AV?

Terrapots(3b Cent.CA)September 30, 2008

I inherited an old AV that is blooming but leaning and leaves are small and yellowing. Was wondering if I should wait until it stops blooming to shorten the neck. Are AVs supposed to bloom all the time if well cared for? I have 3 other AVs that have beautiful leaves but no blooms, ironic isn't it?

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Hi Terrapots,

It sounds like your old AV is struggling so you shouldn't wait until it stops blooming to repot it. The link below has illustrated photos of sinking a neck. If the neck is too long/crooked, click on Restoring a Violet to see how to totally re-root an AV. AVs will bloom most of the time if they have the right size pot (1/3 plant diameter - AVs bloom better when slightly rootbound), 10 - 14 hours/day of bright light (the most important factor in blooming), and are kept fertilized. Good luck on restoring your old AV!

Here is a link that might be useful: Violet Necks

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Terrapots(3b Cent.CA)

Thank you, Donna, that's a good link. It should help me a lot.

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