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mlestockSeptember 30, 2008

Hi all, I just moved to Maine and I've been looking everywhere for AVs to help decorate my new Dilbert-esque cubicle. There aren't any that I could find in any store. I asked yesterday about it and the lady in charge said they stopped ordering AVs because after 2 days they would die. I've been looking everywhere. So I turned to the great wide web and found Optimara's website. I thought it would be cool to get 2 optimaras named for my home state, Ohio, and one for the state I'm living in now, Maine. I've been to the selective gardner website and they have Maine available, but no Ohio. Does anyone out there have it or know where I could get a leaf or two from one? I know that I'm not supposed to ask for freebies and that I'm not to be trusted, but if anyone out there knows anything about it, I would appreciate the info.

Thanks a bunch from a new AV person!


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Welcome to the Afican violet desert in Maine. You're right, very few AVs here, all noids.

Today is your lucky day though. We do have an AV club here, and our next meeting is tomorrow night! There will be lots of leaves and stuff to share with you if you can make it.

Send me an e-mail at for location, etc.

Welcome to Maine.


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If you wanted to do a mail order, check out Buckeye violets. There are two nice violets with "Ohio" in their names: Buckeye Ohio Friendship and Buckeye Remember Ohio.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buckeye Violets

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There are also Ohio Sunrise (Eyerdom hybrid) leaves on eBay.

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I agree with Barbara, come join our Maine African Violet club!!!

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