What's blooming?

alotofplants(6b)September 7, 2007

I have a lot of AV's blooming right now I thought I would share.


Frozen in Time

Ness' Satin Rose

Suncoast Peppermint Kathy

The Alps

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alotofplants those are all just lovely. Beautiful healthy plants with gorgeous blooms. Congrats!

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Two of my favorite chimeras that I am too cheap to buy, Concord and The Alps.
I fell in love with Concord when I saw it the first time at the AVSA convenition in Boston.
Fred in NJ

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Fred, where are you in NJ? I am in Yardley, right across from Trenton. I have to say Concord is my favorite. It is so vibrant and a wonderful bloomer.

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alotofplants, Very lovely. And these are all s/h grown? Did you start these plants from a leaf propagated in s/h? And oh yes, where do people find soilless regular houseplants to grow in s/h? Or do you have to start your own from cuttings? donnaviola also what are you feeding your AV?

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These are all s/h grown. I will buy plants and clean off all the dirt and then put them in s/h. I put in a humidity bag for a few weeks. The don't usually even notice. I just feed them regular AV food and the same amount as with dirt.

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