Lighting and humidity improvements

innochka25October 15, 2007

Hello everyone,

I finally decided to make my violets happy and get a light stand. We can't use a chain light fixture, b/c of the ceiling situation-don't want to drill holes :) So, I found these light stands. What do you think? Which one should I get? I don't have too many plants due to the lack of space; there're 5 minis and 3 "regulars" and quite a few babies.




What do I do for the humidity? It's becoming pretty dry here in Northern NJ... I have my plants on egg crates/trays and add water to the trays (no wick watering, though, though). Is this enough? What can I do to increase the humidity?

Would adding the lights get my violets to bloom? I know it's a balance of soil, watering, lights, fertilizer and humidity. I guess, I just wonder if having perfect lighting conditions will encourage my AVs to bloom :)



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Yes, getting the lighting correct will certainly be the best you can do for your plants to bloom.

I looked at the plant stands, and they are very nice. They are sort of the 'cadillac' of stands. However, for about 75 bucks you can get a wire shelving unit from Sam's Club, and shop lights from HD, and your stand will be 48 inches wide by 18 inches deep. You can get 4 shelves if you want to hang the fixture from the ceiling for the top shelf. This gives you plenty of room to grow into it, especially with all those babies coming along. Total cost should be right around $100.


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Oh, Barbara, if I only had any space to spare... I wish. We live in a 1BR apartment with a super active toddler-->I can't add anything to my existing set-up with the plants on the top of my daughter's chest of drawers. I will have a little green house/room for all my plants-supplies when we move into a house, or so promised my husband-that I certainly can't wait for. It's good to hear that I will see some blooming results, though :)

What about humidity? Anything else I can do?

And I am a moron! Right after I posed the links, I realized that the difference b/w the stands is their size. So, the one that'll fit would be the $70 one.

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