Where to find Pixie Run Around?

celticcraftressOctober 17, 2010

Hello everyone. Can anyone help me find Pixie Run Around? Or have any experience with it? I think this is a very tiny AV...maybe even micro. It should have variegated foliage. I also believe it has light blue blossoms, but I am not 100% sure. Finding it has been difficult, and my 2 enquires (so far) have come back unanswered. I can't seem to get any solid answers about it. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much!

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Hello Neighbor - just looking on the web - it calls it a mini chimera sport. It looks like the plant you describe. Lyndon Lyon lists it as Limited but has it for sale in her catalog on the trailers page. It's flower doesn't look as much like the one you describe. If you've looked around a lot you have probably already found this info. Good luck in your search. junebabe, Smiles, Linda

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Thanks so much Linda, I sent them an email but no answer yet. Been a few days, maybe they are busy. I am really just trying to find a blue micro, and if it is variegated that is a bonus. I am hoping for a good blue, not purple-ish, because I already have two purple micros. *fingers crossed*

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They didn't send it in my Lyons order. I never thought it was a chimera. OTOH, there was confusion in my order and I noticed that leaf substition wasn't marked. Actually I wanted mostly leaves, not all plants. Maybe I needed to call earlier in the day but I didn't spot their hours until the following working day.

Mine has reverted (I think...) but the foliage is correct. It is a miniature trailer, with small pointed leaves with Tommie Lou variegation. I think it was supposed to be a blue/white sbdl bell shape. My blossom now looks like Pixie Blue except it is violet, not blue.

Pixie Runaround (S. Sorano) Single white and blue bell. Variegated medium green and white. Miniature trailer


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Thank you Diana. Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses finally emailed me and said they are sold out until spring. So I settled for a Rob's Pixie Blue. I hope it has a nice blue color (not purpleish blue), and I hope it will work great as a micro. Sense I was making an order there, I went ahead and got an "Irish Flirt" too to get some value for the shipping. That will be my first green African Violet, I am exited about it too.

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I'm not sure if you want a trailer or not. I assume you mean Pixie Blue, the vintage Lyons. It's a great plant but it does throw larger leaves from time to time so I don't know how well it would do as a micro. I have no experience with micro trailers but had Tiny Wood Trail and it was smaller.

If the trailing isn't important, Baby Moonbeam and Misty Miss are tiny and both Pittman's. She might well have others. Irish Flirt is a nice small plant too. I set 4 leaves of Baby Moonbeam and thought I was getting too old for this!

Good luck! (I love Pixie Blue even if it doesn't work as a micro.)


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Pixie Runaround is not a chimera, and right now it looks like Lyndon Lyon's is the only commercial offering it for sale, so they must of been out of it if you had it on your order, and didn't get it. The sport of Pixie Runaround is a chimera, and you will see it offered as Pixie Runaround Sport. Both are very cute, I find that they like to be in high humidity at least in my growing conditions here in California, so I keep them domed. I have one that is not domed and it is growing alot slower than the ones domed.


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Linda Rowe at Bloomin' Jungle carried it at one time. It might be best to wait a few weeks before contacting her. She sounded very busy in her last message and had stopped shipping. I don't know what she will do later on or if she still has it.

My own Pixie Runaround has sported to a single violet-purple blossom. It's not a registed sport though.

Good luck chasing it.

Diana in PA

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