our 125g reef

sleepingdragonJuly 31, 2005

This is 125 gallon reef is 11 years old now and doing very well!

Image link:

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sjv78736(austin texas)

your tank is lovely! mine is sitting in the garage after moving from fla to tx...oh how that pic makes me miss it. expect to set mine up before end of yr. i want to upgrade my filtration before setting up. what type filtration are you using? it is hard to see (hiding?) animals in your pic but it appears you have more inverts than fish; how is this system working for you? wht %fish to inverts? %corals? etc. how long have you had ur present set up? would love to chat aquaria with ya!

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Ramoth41's(and Ron's) Reef
The Tank: It's a 125 pre drilled allglass. 2 overflows one on each end. 2 175w MH and 2 each 6ft VHO white/blue. The hood is DIY, plywood with the front hinged for access. I cringe when I look at it because it is suspeneded from the ceiling by bright yellow chain! We can raise and lower as needed. The plan is to wall the tank in but that hasn't happened yet. (yet ANOTHER unfinished project! lol) I actually have a curtain I made to cover it up. Pretty ugly!! lol! We have a 50g rubbermaid tub as a sump, which BTW I don't recomend this as it is the 2nd one they crack and leak but it was all we could find. There is a DIY BDS (big damn skimmer) counter current venturi variety. All I know is the BDS is about 4 feet tall and noisy! The main recirculating pump for the BDS is a magdrive 1200. and there are various smaller power heads around the tank to move water.We recently added a fluidized bed filter but it really isn't up and running just yet as it needs more "tweeking".(uh oh I was just informed that he is "brainstorming" again! can you say UPGRADE BUG?) The current configuration for the main return is 2 1k gph Quietone pumps.This makes the turn over somthing like 15-18 times in an hour.
Substraight: about 200-250 lbs of LR. Somthing like 100lbs of live sand mixed with crushed coral which the convict blennies love to move around. They have quite the condo going under the LR.
Maintance: Well um .. we do a 40 gal water change every week and use Reef Crystal salt mix using RO/DI only. . As far as testing we subscribe to the "Don't mess with the magic" theory. We do test for Alk and Calcuim levels using Salifert test kits. But to be honest if it looks good we leave it alone. Let the LR and LS do it's job. This can and has backfired on us, but most of the time it works pretty well. Actually for about 7-8 years we didn't even own a test kit and just did water changes and that was really the best it ever looked! Granted at the time it was in the 55 and had over 200lbs of LR!

Inhabitants include :
Fish.. coral beauty, singapore angel, 2 convict blennies, marine betta, 2-4stripe damsels, false perc, yellow tail damsel, yellow tang. BTW the yellow tail is one of my cyclers and is about 11yrs old the coral beauty is almost 10yrs old and the clown aint far behind about 9yrs old!

Corals... brown buttons by the ton! Brown mushroms all over! red & green shrooms, pink stars, monster devil's hand leathers, green tree leather, napthia, MR Bubble, purple & brown gorgonias,a corky finger gorgonia, frogspawn, torch, favia, 2 neon green brains, green & orange buttons, capanella, lg brown/green acro (with red crab), sad little moon & pagoda that survived the crash and are doing thier best to come back. blue coral, candy cane coral, galaxia, lettuce coral, red open brain, pink acroporia w/coral crab,

Inverts.... CB shrimp, 3 pepermint shrimp,several big serpent stars, as yet to be ID'd crab (long thin black & white stripes on legs and small claws small body about 1inch total diameter possible sally lightfoot.) 50 each snails and hermits. 4 urchins (long spine in sump, pencil in over flow and 2 in tank knocking stuff over on daily basis) and some aptasia that just won't take the hint and go away! And green fuzzy stuff I don't have any idea where I got it from, (darn green algae)
I think thats it I prolly missed somthing!

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i plan making two 100 gal. all glass DIY tanks one FOWLR and one reef plus a twenty gallon planted refugium. i would like to do every thing i can by myself including the chiller can you offer me any suggetions, site for info, ect?

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