thanks to Irina

fortyseven_gwOctober 15, 2013

Hello Irina
You had posted photos of your
blue/purple AVs. One was Private Dancer.
I was about to order one called Modesty
from Optimara before I viewed your photo.
That encouraged me to wait to order PD.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

It was not me. I had Private Dancer before and it is an absolutely lovely plant. Optimara is probably going to be tougher - so it is your call.

Since I cannot keep everything - I usually sell them off on our Show and Sale - so I can have space to try something else.


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Yes, it was Aegis' photo.
It will be interesting to learn about the show and sale
for this forum, as I am seeing that people post what
they want or have to swap and that a RR goes out
with leaves.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I am kind of wary of RR. The reason is a wide spread of the INSV virus - and the fact that if the culture is good - the plant doesn't show it that well. You can with best intentions put the rare plant leaf in the RR - and - oops - somebody loses the whole collection.

If something looks stunted when it shouldn't - chuck it. Do not save stunted plants from the shelves of a big box store - or neglected plants from friends - you can bring doom to the rest of your treasured collection.

I chucked literally hundreds of plants in 2007.


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Sorry to read that you had to chuck hundreds of
plants in 2007. Sobering thought. I will have to read
up on that virus. I have heard of it before in these
or other on-line violet musings. But in going to on-line
AV school, I have not yet focused
on diseases or pests. That will be my "AV 202"
education. I feel I am still in "AV 101".

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