showed amazing restraint ...

bragu_DSM 5October 10, 2013

On a lark, I hit a pair of BBS yesterday (Wed) - HD & Lo's - and saw a fresh batch of pretty darn nice optimara's.

There was one with a particularly frilly leaf edge, but not quite enuff to make me want to shell out $3 for it.

On reflection, it surprised me.

But then again, I was after some phal mix - which I did not find - because the xmas stuff had been pulled out ... already.


Well, anyway. I was able to say 'no.'

Quick, someone feel my forehead.

So, I celebrated with a $3 cup of coffee on the way home ...

So much for saving money.

I figure with the weather about to change, we're probably running out of shopping days before it turns too cold to expect a plant to make it home.


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Don't feel bad, Dave. Coffee is my weakness, too. At my worst point, I had a $14/day habit... Yikes!!! Thankfully, I've learned to restrain myself, too. It's much cheaper to buy it by the pound and brew at home! ^.^

Good for you on denying the Optimara, I know how hard that can be!!! I'm getting picky on which plants I want to make it into my collection (and I'm thinking half of the leaves I put down will probably not make the cut but we'll see).

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I've been picking up a few fresh Optimaras since they started sending me email alerts of shipments to my area. I like the space violets & have found a couple of them. I haven't been able to find any others from my list though.

As to coffee. . . I'm am oldie and can remember it at 25 cents a cup so I wouldn't care how fancy it is. . . for the $3.00, I would have had a new plant!


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@Dave: At my local Lowe's the orchid and AV products are behind all the xmas gear--like way behind in the corner at the back in the bowels of the room.

@Terri: How do you get on the Optimara email list? Thanks.

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I believe you just sign up on the Optimara website. They ask you to fill out a form with your info and there's a box that you mark to allow them to e-mail you updates on new deliveries to your area. I opted out (I'd get into too much trouble), but it's as easy as that.

I've had 25â coffee, too. I try to limit myself (again with the restraint issue), but I'm a coffee brat, and I love my fancy brew! ^.^

Lisa aka LunR

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You bought coffee instead of a violet??? Such a newbie...


P.S. How do you get a saddle on a lark?

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bragu_DSM 5

no saddle ... but you get feathers up your ....

they do, however, respond well to ... spurs.

eh, buttercup?

yeah, no av, no phal mix .... and i am going to have to take my pine bark 'nuggets' to the driveway and drive over them to make them small enough to use


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Now we have barking pines when they get run over?
I thot AV folks were peaceful ...

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No saddle but you get feathers up your...nose?

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bragu_DSM 5

whatever ... tickles your fancy ...

i liked the larkspur reference ...


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