Palludarium 03

scott361(7)November 3, 2006

This is the simple filtration area! The primary job is to act as particulate filtration for the two pumps! The sand/clay layers are clearly visable and nothing was hidden back here. For my next project I will hide this area, although you can't see it from the front anyway. As this was still experimental, I didn't hide this or the colors developing in the substrate layers. I decided half way through construction, that I would build a huge one and I never really finished covering up some of the little ugly construction details!! Everything has been operational for several years now. Considering the pessimism that I encountered here when I first mentioned this a few years ago, I think that it has done rather well.

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james_ny(z7 NY)

Very nice. looks like a lot of work to set up.

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Actually James, it was very easy!
If you're interested, these are much more recent photos. The photos that I had here were old then.
(If you open the photos in a separate window, I have more scattered around!)
So, that was about a year ago. Nothing has really been changed.
All I do is add or remove orchids, feed the fish, clean the front glass, occasional water changes/new lights, etc.
That's it! The plants do have to be cut back or I'd never get any at the bottom. Otherwise, it's virtually self-maintaining!
I do have a new generation getting ready to take over as the parents age and die. So the population does fluctuate and the plants sent out runners.
Other than's easy

This is about half of the tank! (100gal tank)
The water fluctuates between 10 and 12 inches. I'd like my next one to be far deeper and more usable land space!

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