A few of my aquariums...

fizgig777(7)November 15, 2006



Guest room:


-- photo was ruined by the resizing mechanism in place with the gallery here... view photo at 60% for proper appearance

Home Office:


Sorry about these not being links or actual images... Wouldn't accept the html coding in the post...

Feel free to comment on the photos.

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Update for inline images...


Home office:

Guest room:

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about all I can say is ..... WOW! Absolutely beautiful.


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Thank you Frances. Glad you liked the photos =]

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tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)

I know this post is going on four yrs old, but... curious to know if all those plants are real and if so, what kind are they?

Awesome set-up.
Thanks. Tropicalfreak

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