irina , question about optimaras

fortyseven_gwOctober 15, 2013

Hi Irina
This is from a thread about O's from you last
"Guys -
Optimara's AVs always come with fungus gnats and thrips! Get prepared to treat the pests!

Irina, the spoilsport"

I just got three directly from Selective Gardener about
a week ago. I have been isolating. Do you have any
experience from any coming direct rather than
from a retail store? (Where they might pick up bugs
from somewhere else.) ??? (keeping fingers crossed)

Maybe I should spray everything with pesticide, just to be safe. In the past, I have found sprays to be more
effective than something fed systemically.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Joanne -

I expect "Selective Gardener" to be much cleaner than an industrial shop. So you get a good chance to have your plants squeaky clean.

You cannot get rid of any kind of mealy bugs without using systemic. And mites - need 3 applications of non-systemic versus 1 of systemic.

Isolation will help you decide -treat or not to treat.


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Thank you, thank you! All seem well, but I better
get spraying before I start bagging for my trip.

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