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the_man_fernJanuary 14, 2007


i have a 29 gallon tank that is 1 year old now about three months ago i put in it a hollow tree trunk decoration.

well i have always had a minimal nitrite level despite every other weekly cleaning and monthly filter maintaince bi weekly feeding etc. and when I lifted the tank hood i got a gaseous smell obviously from bad bacteria

i put two and two together and have realised that the tree trunk has no water flow inside it so the water inside effectively went stagnant allowing a perfect warm cosy hole for bacteria.

what i want to ask to confirm is will putting an air stone inside the trunk stop this gaseous smell and bad bacteria build up or is the hollow decor best left out altogether?



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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

I am concerned about the minimal nitrite level after 1 year. Nitrites and ammonia should be at zero (I assume you didn't mean nitr*a*te). Is this a plastic/resin "made for aquarium use" log, or is it a real log? Is it open at both ends or just one? If it is open at both ends there should be enough waterflow without any other intervention. If it is closed at one end, yes, an airstone will create flow - IF that is what is causing the problem. If it is a real log, it should have been cleaned very well before adding to the system. Check this website - www.wetwebmedia.com. They have an ask the expert forum - they do require that you provide system details (water quality values, size, # of fish). I'm more concerned about the nitrites though, because nitrites are deadly to fish.

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