Aqautic snails.... a question

suefromuk(6b)January 26, 2005

How do snails get from one spot to another in a tank...I sometimes worry when I see them floating all sealed up at the top of the tank inches away from the sides...and have sometimes moved them closer to the sides...sounds ridiculous of course...but do they "sort of" swim?

Pull in water and push it out or something...?

They always seem to end up suctioned up to something...but I worry when they are out in the middle for hours on end...especially when they stay closed that long...are they sleeping?

I'm looking for a "snail fancier" to answer this one. LOL

I have two large (probably a diameter of an inch and a half or three quarters)Peruvian snails...they are quite gorgeous in a snail like way and will no doubt keep my 29 gallon tank spotless...tho' I do drop some algae eater food in there too to be on the safe side..

Hope to hear from somebody.


Sue from UK now living in Maryland in Westminster.

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dasheen(z6a, Ontario)

I have kept apple snails in the past and they would occasionally float as well. Don't worry about them especially if you have live plants in the tank. The simply crawl about just like outdoor garden snails.


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