Beginner starting his first collection!

donivan2009(6a)October 19, 2010

Hi guys,

My name is Donovan from Nashville, TN. I am new to AV's and eager to get started in the hobby. My mom was big into AV's when I was growing up and I used to go to shows with her and had so much fun! I am looking to grow for show as well! I am just starting out and eager to collect as many different id AV's as well as NOIDS! I was hoping some of you could share some tips and experiences with me for growing to show! Also, if anyone has any clippings they would like to share, let me know! Also I am interested in learning about cross-breeding. And where is the best online store to buy AV's?

Thanks for all your help guys!

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I have only ever bought plants from 2 places online. The first is, and the second is I only bought episcias from Lyndon Lyon but I was very impressed by their plants. Another big place is I have no experience with them though.


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Welcome Donovan!

Maybe just slow down a little? I know it's hard :)

If you want to show, you will want to get named and usually registered plants. You can start by visiting and perhaps joining the AVSA (African Violet Society of America) pages.

NOIDS are fine and great for practice though. I will let someone more to the south recommend a "dealer" (these things are like drugs) to you since it's getting late for some of the northern ones to ship.

If there's a show in your area, I understand you can buy plants there. Sadly, I have never had that opportunity.

Next, you can learn about hybridizing.


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The best advice I can give you is to join the AV club in Nashville! You will be welcomed with open arms, and you will find the members very knowledgeable and generous. If they have a mentoring program, get involved. Look under 'affilliates' on the AVSA website. Also check 'events'.

When I was just starting out, I too wanted one of everything. Be sure you can grow ten plants really well before you try to grow 50. You will have to provide the growing conditions they like, and it can sometimes be trial and error before hitting the successful combination of techniques.

Also, read all the posts here, I think it touches on just about everything.

Good luck.


Here is a link that might be useful: African Violet Society of America

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Thanks guys for your responses!
I am looking into joining the local AVSA here in Nashville. I am not only collecting to show. I enjoy having the plants and taking care of them, thats why I also enjoy having the NOIDS around. I have always been the type to start a collection and jump in with both feet! I am waiting a little while before I get too ahead of myself!

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