Beta fish becoming anti social

hurleygurlie932January 3, 2014

Hey experts I'm new in desperate need for advice for my male beta fish. I've had him for about two years now, and he has always been happy making lavish bubble nests and excitedly interacting with motion and my voice. Recently he has become very reserved and spends most of his time inside a moon rock hiding. However I have caught him several times, late at night or when no one is around, hanging out near the top nestled in bamboo roots. Then when I try to feed or talk to him he consistently rushes down into his rock. I don't think he's eaten in awhile. I use distilled water, which I have always used. I tried the water stabilizer once but stopped when I realized he appeared miserable. I think the temperature is okay because I currently have another beta in a bowl on the table set apart from him who exhibits normal happy beta behaviors. Sad and distraught for my old pal. Any advice?

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A few things. 1 you need to use spring because there is no minerals in distilled. 2.he might be cold does he have a heater? That's all I can say nice fish though.

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I have a male betta. He is in a 10 gal tank by himself. No filter. His heater is set at 78ú. I used to use tap water and add chemicals, but now I use nothing but RO (reverse osmosis) water supplemented with a small amount of conditioner to add back minerals. I purchase the RO water from my local health food store for 28â a gal. I warm it to 82ú before adding it to his tank. I do a complete tank change once a month.

He gets the usual pellets, bloodworms, etc. He seems alert and lively so I am hoping he is content.

Your fish looks good. Nice color.

A link that may be useful:

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Get a heater, get a filter and cycle your tank (read up on the nitrogen cycle), get a thermometer to make sure the temp is 78-82 degrees, and stop using distilled water--it's terrible for fish. Plain old tap water with Prime by Seachem will do wonders.

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I would suggest changing his water, replacing it with reverse osmosis water (that can be purchased at most health food stores) and treating him with an anti-parasitic.

AP makes a product called Quick Cure (google it).

Add it to the water and turn the heater up to 82ú. My fish looked like he was on his last leg. This seemed to bring him back from what I thought was going to be imminent death. It worked. He was looking better within 3 days.

I don't like to measure chemicals to make sure his water is right, so that is why I've started using RO water on a regular basis. It filters out virus's and chemicals so that can't be bad. The PH is always right on the money (7). I don't add chemicals. Just a bit of salt (1/4 tsp) for 10 gallons.

Your fish is beautiful. Hope this helps!

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Or you could just spend 30$ getting a carbon water filter for a garden hose. boom! demineralized safe fish water in seconds. and you get hundreds of gallons out of it before replacement. don't have to spend 28$ a gallon for reverse osmosis water that's just impractical.

Here is a link that might be useful: TheItalian Garden

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