Crown Varigated Trailer?

LunRTwilight(7)October 14, 2013

I know this is probably not identifiable as it is now, maybe I can get an idea when it gets bigger and comes into bloom, but for now, I just want to know that it's healthy and happy. Can someone please tell me if this is crown varigation or is there something else going on? The new growth is coming in very pale yellow or a cream color and is also showing a rosey color. The older leaves range from medium to dark green with red petioles and a little blush of red on the back (not fully red, just a little speckling).

I just did some grooming on it to remove what looked like extraneous leaves, so I'll post before and after pictures so you can see what I did.

This is what it looked like a couple of weeks ago.

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And this is what it looks like now. I really want to take that one leaf off, but decided to leave it for now. The overall look of the plant has really changed. I'm not sure how trailers should be groomed/trained, but my main goal in grooming this one was to get the leaves off that had been half-eaten by a cat.

Can you see the coloration in the crown? Does it look like varigation or nitrogen-deficiency? It is pretty cool where it is being grown now, 70 at the warmest (and getting cooler with the weather here). Let me know what you think?

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My boss gave the plant to me and said hers is not varigated (this was another crown off of hers), but I noticed that the inner leaves have a red back (completely red, unlike the outer, older leaves). Now I'm really confused. Do trailers sport?

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Not an expert, for sure. Doesn't TL and other variegation show up in the cooler growing months? You seem to have cool growing conditions already. That looks like crown variegation to me. Very pretty

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Thanks, I really love this coloration, so I hope it is crown varigation and that it stays this color. (What is TL?)

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

Tommie Lou var. is the white edged leaf variegation, named after the the first violet with that variegation, and the lady who started it all. The violet is still around. You can google it. I think I saw an old picture of Tommie Lou holding her violet recently

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All violets have the ability to sport. In my experience, the older a violet gets, the more the variegation will begin to express it self. Also, as Bunny says, variegation tends to show up more in cooler temps. As your plant gets older and the weather is now cooling, your Av will probably show more coloration. It looks as though this will be a lovely plant.
Also, be careful about watering. Your pot is very big for this plant.


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I'll watch out for over-watering, Linda. The plant was much bigger this morning before I took a bunch of leaves off. It is in a 5oz condiment cup vs. a 3oz but the root ball was larger than the rest of the plant. it does have lots of drainage holes, though. I only water it when the cup feels light and thankfully the cup is clear, so I can see the soil. It gets lighter in color when it's time to water. I also have a good view of the root system, very healthy and white.

Thanks for clarifying the Tommie Lou thing. I have heard of that variety before, but wasn't familiar with the abbreviation.

If this plant is varigated, why is the mother plant not showing any varigation? Is it just my boss' growing conditions? Is my plant just showing a culture break?

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I transplanted two baby plants and when the new growth came the growth was varigated, like yours, with the rest of the leaves being a beautiful deep shiny green. I thougth the plant was dying but the center leaves were not limp so I left it. It is now into 3" pot growing beautiful.

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It could be a sport or different growing conditions. Just keep your eye on it and as long as it looks healthy, keep it. You know what an AV should look like so you will know if it is not growing as it should.

Also, today when I was working with my plants, I noticed a young one that is just starting to show the exact same variegation pattern as yours. It must be the cooling weather that is bringing it out.


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