Help with my Molly fish

spookablesJanuary 22, 2005

I have two questions if anyone can help. 1) I have a 5 gallon aquarium with 2 fish. One is a Black Molly and the other is a Silver/White Molly. I've had my black Molly for over 2 weeks now and just added the Silver Molly about 4 days ago. The Silve Molly is quite bigger than the black one and I have noticed that it dominates the tank. When I feed them the white molly vacuums up all the food before the black one gets to eat anything or the food has already fallen to the bottom of the tank. Should I be concerned that my black fish isn't getting any food at all? I have noticed the Black Molly spits out the little bit of food it does get and then just swims away. I feel sorry for him. Could it be sick? I've also watched the Silver Molly spit out the food but it eats it again right away.

2) This may sound silly but can fish diseases/parasites be transfered to a person? i.e putting your hands in the water/changing the water in the tank? Thanks a bunch! :)

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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

Your mollies should be in a fifteen gallon tank at the least and do better with some sea salt such as would be added to a saltwater tank. In a fifteen to twenty nine gallon tank you could have five to ten mollies and they would do better because any aggression would be reduced. Mollies do best eating flake foods made for algae grazers such as Spirulina flakes made by Tetra. They also like the water warm to 81 to 84F. There are some diseases that you could get from the fish but they normally use a host to pass through to a person such as a snail. The parasite would go from a bird to a snail and then to you but you would either have to eat the snail or stay in close contact with the aquarium water for several hours and never wash your hands afterwards. I have had tropical fish for most of the last thirty years and have not ever seen a parasite that could get infect a person without the person causing the disease through bad cleanliness.

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Thanks for the info! I do have sea salt in my aquarium and a heater at a consistant temperature of 80F :)

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Oh yeah, and I feed them tropical flakes by TopFin.

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dasheen(z6a, Ontario)

I always change the water as a first defence whenever my fish are acting ill. Sometimes the water could be "dirty" with amonia, nitrites etc which will stress your fish and cause them to not eat and act strange. Try changing the water and see what happens. Only change up to 50% of the water at a time to avoid problems. You should also add aquarium salt to replace what has been taken out after you change the water.

Because you have recently added the new fish, you could also have a pest at work. Keep a close eye out for ich. If you observe any white, salt like spots on your fish get some Quick Cure medication and use it fast to avoid losing your fish.

I am also thinking that you may have a male and female fish which could cause some problems with chasing and even aggression. If you have a male and a female, try adding another female to even things out a bit with the male.


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I have little tiny bubbles throughout my aquarium that kinda sticks to my fish...are these bad?

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dasheen(z6a, Ontario)

Do the bubbles look like the kind you get when you have just changed the water? If they do, then its most like CO2 and not a problem. If you have an air stone or a lot of water turbulence it could just be that. Siphon the gravel in the tank and everything should be fine. Clean the tank once per week, replacing no more than 50% of the water at a time. Don't forget to use a water conditioner to remove any harmful chemicals from the water.


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Thanks Dasheen, I dont have an air stone in my aquarium and I haven't really noticed the bubbles in the aquarium when i changed the water but these ones now are just really tiny. The aquarium that I have is an Eclipes Hexagon 5 gallon with a Bio-wheel. I wasn't sure if I had to buy a air bubbler for it but i did anyway so all i have is the pump and a tube inside the tank and it is making the water in the tank really could the bubbles be from that? Or how can I tell if these are dangerous bubbles. When I changed the water I do condition it to kill the chlorine in it as well as this liquid that is suppose to balance everything in the water to make it safe for fish that i apply once a week.

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dasheen(z6a, Ontario)

As long as your fish are healthy and thriving and your nitrite/nitrate, amonia, ph levels are fine, don't worry about the bubbles. Newer tanks always have weird things happening to begin with. My 20 gallon was covered in brown algae until I added some otocinclus catfish. They cleaned the algae in one day.


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My fish seem to be alright, I thought my black Molly may have fin rot cuz the ends/tips of its fins and tail fin are rustyish in color but I'm not sure. The only problem I have with my fish is that my silver molly dominates the tank (its a fair size) and my smaller black molly doesnt seem to get any food or want to eat. My silver molly is a vaccuum cleaner! I was told maybe I had a male/female and that I should add another female but the size of my tank doesn't permit me to add any more fish without having further problems in my tank...I dunno....

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Oh dear...I just watched my poor Black Molly die and not sure why she did....she lasted 15 days :(

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dasheen(z6a, Ontario)

That's sad. Well first you must go out and purchase yourself a 10 gallon tank if you want to keep livebearers. Tiny tetras, shrimp, and other very small fish (that stay small) could live in a 5 gallon, but you have to be very very very good at keeping the water clean. So you are better off starting off with a 10 gallon tank. Get yourself a good filter. Aquaclear is a good one for small tanks...I have been using them for my small tanks for over 12 years with fabulous success. These filters are very easy to clean. I am using an Aquaclear filter on my 20 gallon planted tank that is holding my angelfish and my otocinclus catfish. The tank is well kept. I change the water once per week.

It is much much much easier to keep fish in a larger tank than a smaller one. Good luck.

By the way, 10 gallon tanks are very cheap.


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Our 5 gallon tank was a birthday gift for my boyfriend so we are trying to find fish that will be able to live in it...any other suggestions as to what type of fish may be alright in a 5 gallon? And how many?? Thanks!

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could my mollies be pregnet if they dont have the dark spot on their belly? i have 3 females and one male

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yeah um my male black molly just died i have 1 female and 4 babies left and they are dying idk what to do they had this white cotton stuff all over them and in theyre eyes and they are lying at the bottom of the tank what should i do

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oh if anything my email is so please help me

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#1 I have a female molly that I got about 2weeks ago. She is pregnet and should I put her in a breeding net now so I only have to worry about her eating the babies and not her and him eating them?
#2 Does something happen to the female right before she gives birth? Mine had this white string like thing come out of her. It had yellow/orange beads in it.

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how small of a tank can i keep 4 mollies?

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20 gallons. What type of mollies, btw? And if there are breeding pairs, babies will be coming along.

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I have a problem with one of my Molly's she is tiped nose down, and doesn't straighten up, eats and moves, just dosen't swim right for a few days now.

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We have a 10 gallon tank with 4 african dwarf frogs, one snail and two male mollies. About two weeks ago 1 molly died. Today we replaced it with 2 new males of comprable size but the old molly is being very aggressive with the new guys. What should I do? By the way - it was a happy tank for over a year until 2 weeks ago.

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I would set up a second tank, if possible, just for the fish. If it's a terratorial issue, putting fish together in a new environment normally resets the packing order and a new fish isn't "dead meat".

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I have a ten gallon tank and I will get three dalmation mollys. I was thinking about getting only two but after reading this conversation I think not! will a 10 gallon tank be big enough?! what temperature should I set it at?! and can you tell a girl from a boy?!

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Hi! My gold molly has something white around her mouth, for about two days. She doesn't look ill, swimming, eating normally. Do you have any idea, what this is? Thanks!

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I have a 29 gallong tank with 3 dalmation mollies, a female betta, corycat a couple hiding spots but no plants yet. Right now i'm in the middle of trying to plant my tank. should i transfer them to my other 29 gallon with my gold fish or 5 gallong by themselves. temporarily just to create the best environment for them.

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Ok hi I just got a fish tank as a gift so we installed everything we got a thermometer and everything nessesary and then we went to go buy fish we bought a black molly, red wag platy, a black neon tetra,glowfish grn, a guppy and a catfish the day before we put a easy balance plus maintaines healthy water and reduces frequent water changes and aqua safe plus makes tap water safe for fish and today we barelt got our fish like in the afternoon and now three of them are completely dead our catfish was the first one to go down and then the rest we only have three left and two are mostly dead on the ground and the guppy is the only one a lil fine but still he isn't moving as much we really don't know what's going on or what went wrong I would really appreciate your help on maybe giving us a clue on what went wrong or we are doing wrong thank you

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how do i tell if my Molly`s are a girl or a boy?

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I have a pair of white mollies and a pair of black moon tail mollies of reasonable size. However the white mollies keep chasing the black mollies. Will this cause harm to the black mollies?? How do i understand the difference between male and female molly??

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