Regent Filter Pump question

cpattiJanuary 29, 2007


I have the WalMart aquarium with the Regent filter pump for PL TE-5 with a .15 amp. "The external power filter with a bio wheel."

I have had this stuff stored away for 3 years. I forget...does the filter pump have any tubing connected??? I cannot see where that would be. How much deepness of water does the thing that extends down to the aquarium floor need?

I went to the store and felt sorry for the Bettas so, I saved ones life!

Thanks so much...

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Hopefully you have got your answer by now, but.... It sounds like you have the Eclipse type set up w/ the filter mounted in the hood/light. Regent is a brand name made especially for Wal-Mart by Marineland. They make the Penguin and Emporer filters and have the patent on the Bio-Wheel. You might want to check for the manual on it. Usually the intake tube (I think thats what you are talking about) has to be more then 50% in the water. All filters/pumps are different. Make sure you "prime" the filter/pump by adding as much water to the "chamber" as possible. This will create the suction needed to pump the water. The Wal-Marts in my area are starting to put the bettas in specemin containers in the main tanks now. This is the way they did it back in the day, before the betta "craze". It seems that bettas have taken the place of goldfish, also kept in way too small quaters. At least goldies are coldwater fish and not tropical. Either way it's BS. I know it is horrible to see bettas being poisoned in the little cups, but as long as your buying them, they (Wal-Mart) are making a sale and thats what they really care about. The best thing to do is e-mail Wal-Mart and explain to them their error. Talking to a manager gets you no where , usually.

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Dont buy fish from walmarts just to save them. Dont buy and then if no one buys their fish, they'll either improve the quality or not sell anymore. Buy from a better fish store. NOT WALMART.

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I hate walmart!!!

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I have a fishtank from wal-mart, im from Puerto Rico and they've stopped selling the filter cartridges for the regent pl-te5, does anyone know where i could buy this online?

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I just answered your own post, but in it, you didn't ID your Regent as a tank with a filter, just a filter, but the "Regent" PLTE5 takes a Eclipse K cartridge; available online or in any pet store that sells Eclipse System 6 tanks.

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