mold on soil and transplanting babies

vsjo(z7GA)October 25, 2005

Why does this white mold form on the top of the soil in my pots? I water with diluted violet food every time I water; should I change the way I water?

I have several plants with babies forming in their pots. I would like to transplant the babies to their own pot and give the larger plants as Christmas gifts. If I do, is it possible for the larger plants to continue blooming for Christmas after the disurbance of being re-potted?


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Violets have their own bloom cycles and it is difficult to predict if they will be in bloom at that time. Some are heavy bloomers(which we all like)and then there are others which have much shorter cycles. Removing suckers and repotting in fresh soil will be good for all plants involved. Sometimes they do go into some shock so perhaps you should do this now and see what the reaction will be, giving yourself time for the plant to recover. Don't overpot as your plant will put all its energy into forming roots. The suggested formula is pot size 1/3 width of leaf span.

There is a schedule to bring a plant into bloom for a specific date. This is based on plants grown under lights, with repotting, disbudding and increasing time grown under lights on a specified schedule. You didn't mention if you have your plants under lights so unless you need this information I won't go into a specific schedule.

Mold growing on top of soil is usually harmless. It loves warm, moist conditions so repotting your violet would be helpful. Be careful not to overpot, use lightened African violet potting mix(add perlite), and watch watering practices(don't let water sit in saucers).

I hope someone has their Christmas brightened from your thoughtful gift!


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rujoanmi(z6 NJ)

Hi vsjo,
Spraying occasionally with neem oil, and having algae in the soil prevent's the mold growing on the soil, and doesn't seem to hurt the plants either. It works for me.
I think Elaine is right though, mold on the soil doesn't seem to hurt the plants, but it is ugly if the soil is visible.

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