HELP!!! Sickly Betta

mike423(5 IL)January 31, 2011

I've had a Betta for about half a year now, he's been health since I brought him home until recently. About four days ago I noticed he looked really sick. He seems to be barley active and lays on the bottom of the tank almost half sideways. He was also uninterested in food or eating. I did have a moderate amount of brown algae in the tank (which is a rectangle 2 1/2gal) and I had neglected to change the water frequently enough as I should have lately.

I wiped the algae from the tank and changed about half the water (using a chlorine buffer) three days ago (cleaning up his waste on the bottom as well). He seems to be a little more energetic but still not himself, laying sideways at the bottom for the most part still. When I try to feed him he goes nuts like he did when he was healthy at feeding time, but he seems not to be able to swallow it. He then sometime tries a second time, then staring at it kind of unsure what to do. Today I noticed it also might seem like his slime coat is a bit darkly clouded, but I'm not positive. Its been about four days from when he last ate and I am getting worried and don't want him to die.

I had another Betta previously in the same tank and set up and he lived for about two years before getting a tumor in his side. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Mike, this is my first time on this site and I just saw your message. Hope your fish is still alive and recovering.

Recently my betta was sick (laying on bottom of tank, hiding, but HUNGRY), so I googled "betta laying on bottom of tank". The info suggested that I was over feeding my fish and that he was constipated. The remedy was to feed him cooked, but shelled, sweet peas. So, this is what I did and now it is 3 days later and he is swimming around normally again. To tell you the truth, I thought he was a goner.

Note, he is not the only fish in the tank, there are others and some snails. All the others were (and still are) behaving normally all along. He was the only one with a problem.

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