Disbud before my trip?

fortyseven_gwOctober 24, 2013

Hi Linda and Irina,
Getting ready for my trip, we will be away for six days.
The house will be cool at night, about 60, up to 70
during the day. Curtains will be drawn, so low light.
Plants will be bagged or domed. Question is, should
I disbud? I hate to, especially as it takes so long
for new blooms to set. I thought I would groom all
spent blossoms and leave new buds.

Although I enjoy the "horticultural" aspects of putting
down leaves, etc., that goes on in a separate room.
For my family shared living spaces, I don't like
looking at too many pots of leaves with no blooms.
also doesn't appreciate so many "indoor plants"
unless they are blooming!

However, I don't want to put my plants at risk, just
for the sake of "aesthetics."

Linda, I think I hear you saying, "the plants will
be fine, either way!"

I stumbled across this Forum: Plant clutter!!!
In the future, I might refer to it for organizational

Thanks for your help!

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The plants will be fine either way!!!! Go!!! Enjoy yourself!!! Have fun!!! Quit worrying!!! They'll be fine!!!

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bragu_DSM 5

The plants will be fine either way. Have fun. Don't worry. Enjoy yourself. (Shop for companion plants to send yourself). Go! Don't forget your camera.

dave (this bear's repeating)

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Well, a bursting water heater and a leaking outdoor
garden faucet that MUST be fixed before departure
sure took my
attention away from plants today! I think the chloramine
is eating away the water pipes. Good thing you all
told me to switch to spring water for my plants.

I can hear Linda say, "so, the bear has hiccups?"


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bragu_DSM 5

47: so, you're hearing voices now?

voices from ohio?


sorry, no cure.

and i really am ... sorry

bwah ha ha!


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Voices from Ohio versus the voices in your head, Dave dear......

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Ha! ha! Have fun while I am gone! I will have a lot
of threads to read when I get back!!

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