Cleo_13October 27, 2012

I already posted about an AV that I was having trouble with. Now I figure I'll introduce my other three. I'm still learning how to care for them correctly. I'm still trying to figure out how to use this site. Posted here is my second AV. It has at least two large crowns, and I intend to separate them.

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Here is another picture from a different angle of the same plant.

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This is my second newest. It was bought last June (I think).

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And here is my newest. I'm worried about it's flowers, so I have a close up of one that I'll post next.

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Here's the close up. The edges aren't supposed to look like this, are they?

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Hello Cleo,

1) Regarding the first pic, yes it would be nice if a crown removal were done. I love the flowers in the second pic? which variety is this? an optimara?
2) For the other two pics, the leaf size looks normal, they just dont seem to have enough breathing space. It also looks like the leaves are curling, this usually happens when they receive water that is too cold. Make sure to water the plants with room temp or tepid water.
3) I am not sure, but is there a another crown on that plant too? I would suggest removing that crown too, so the leaves will have space to grow symmetrically.
4)I think the last plant just needs a little bit of grooming. I would first focus on the outer ring of leaves and try to remove the immature leaves(those are the leaves which are slightly smaller then the rest of the leaves in the same ring). Remove any dead, dried up or smaller leaves from the underside of the outer set of leaves.
Doing the same thing I would remove any small or misshaped leaves from the upper two rows/rings, without ruining the symmetry of the plant too much.
Hope this helps,


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irina_co(z5 CO)

First - i think your plants are sitting too deep in pots - the first row of leaves should be attached to the stem just above the rim of the pot.

Otherwise - BabyViolets caught it all - you have suckers. Look under the leaves and see if a new offshoot is trying to grow from a leaf node. It can be accurately chipped out and rooted.
After you remove them -- so called baby leaves should be removed - and old and tired leaves should be removed from the bottom row.

Otherwise - you have healthy happy plants. Some of the varieties just do not want to grow symmetrical - and some are perfect without any efforts.

Good Luck


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Thank You!

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Your blossoms look fine. Like leaf edges vary with variety, so do flower edges. Enjoy!

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