Search for vintage Eyerdom/Granger Gardens varieties

NashuanOctober 29, 2012

I would love to trade leaves/starters with anyone who has different Eyerdom varieties. Send me a private message through this board or contact me at:

KEY: * Rooting leaf, or struggling plant

** Hasn't bloomed yet; I can't guarantee that it will bloom true. I will update this listing as time goes by.

Here's the list of the 65 Eyerdom/Granger Gardens varieties that I have so far managed to collect:

Arcturus **

Blue Lace **

Blue Silverado **

Candy Cane *

Chanticleer *

Coralette *

Crimson Frost *

Cristabel *

Emiko *

Emilie Savage *

Elegance *

Evening Shade *

Fantasy Fringe *

Fantasy Sparkle

Firebird I

Firebird II

Firehouse *

Garnet Elf *

Granger Gardens' Green Eyes *

Granger's Blue Sparkler *

" Cameo Queen *

" Carnival

" Desert Dawn

" Elektra *

" Fantasy Lace

" Heart's Desire

" Mexicali Rose

" Peach Frost

" Sugar Frost

" Sylvan Blue

" Twilight Halo *

" Wonderland *

Interlude *

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My list of Eyerdom's that I've already collected was cut off half-way through. Here are the rest of them:

Itsuko *
Kingwood Blue *
Lavender Lace
Lavender Tempest *
Marie Lorraine
Mauna Kea
Mauna Loa **
Mellow Magic **
Midnight Aurora *
Ming Blue *
Misty Cloud *
Montgomery Silver Frost *
My Fair Lady *
Pink Amiss
Purple Crest
Purple Frost *
Raspberry Glow Sport *
Raspberry Halo
Rebecca *
Red Admiral *
Red Electra **
Redland's Pride *
Shimmer Frost **
Tye-dyed Sport *
Tropical Sunset *
Vince's Choice *
Violet Dawson *
White Madonna
White Puff

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So the ones that you do not have a star by are the ones you are still looking for? If so email

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Just to be clear, I've collected leaves or starter plants of ALL the varieties I've listed. Some collectors have already asked me for leaves of coveted varieties (and I have obliged them when possible), but, obviously, if I only have a rooting leaf of the requested variety, I have nothing to spare for them. Likewise, if a variety hasn't bloomed yet, I can't guarantee that it is the correct variety. Thus the "*" and "**" codes following certain variety names. By next spring, I hope to be able to accommodate more requests for leaves, and actually, that's my goal! To "spread the wealth" and make sure these varieties don't disappear forever.

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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

I really hope your project goes well. I have two Eyerdoms, still just leaves put down though. Saving them sounds like a great idea.

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Thanks for the encouragement. Unfortunately, this Forum may not have been the best place to ask for help with my project: only two people have bothered to respond, and nobody at all has mentioned having Eyerdom/ Granger Gardens varieties besides the ones I already have. I hate to think that nobody is interested; I'd rather think (sadly) that other Eyerdom varieties may no longer exist in cultivation. But I will keep looking for them.

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

This isn't a super busy site. Not sure how many active members belong, but I'm sure most of us have jobs and/or other obligations, so it is unrealistic to always expect an immediate response to your question.
Reeds Greenhouse has unfortuneately closed, but left the photo gallery up. I can see many Eyerdom/Granger violets listed. Several you apparently don't have:
Artist's Dream
Blue Tempest
Fantasy Royal
Mellow mist
Raspberry Mist
Silver Summit

Since Mr. Reed says on his site he has started a new business, I don't know if he would be willing to put you in contact with the people who offered their pictures for his site. Those people may not want to be contacted (their choice, of course)
But you could try contacting him.

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suecirish(6 SE MA)

Hi, We've been in contact before through another forum. I have a small plant of Mellow Mist, which you don't have on your list. I also have a few that you have listed as * - some that I have are established plans, or some are smaller plants still coming to maturity. I also have a few leaves. I'll be in touch with you in the spring. I would definitely love to be able to trade. I am moving my collection toward all vintage or species, so I understand the importance and desire to distribute these special violets so they are not lost forever.

~ Sue

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Thanks to all of you for your comments and advice. I don't know how long this thread will remain visible, but I'm hoping that growers of vintage AV's will see it and contact me, whether they want leaves of my Eyerdom varieties next spring, or have different Eyerdoms in their collections to trade. I'm amazed (and grateful)for the responses I've had so far.

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I'd love some Eyerdom/Grangers. I, too, think it's important to keep the oldies in cultivation.

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