Will trade cannas for aquarium plants

panspipes(zone 9)January 14, 2012

My cannas are an old giant heirloom variety. Green leaves with brilliant red flowers. 8-11 feet tall with proper sun and water. They are tropical but can be grown as annuals as far North as Canada.

They are perfectly healthy. They have been in my family for nearly 40 years with no introduction of new varieties, so they have not been exposed to any canna viruses.

I am in zone 9 so the tubers (bulbs) are still happily in the ground. I can hold them and mail them at the appropriate planting time for your zone or send them now if you are confident you can store them properly.

Your aquarium plants must be large or plentiful enough to worth be my time and postage. I can get a small bunch of java moss online for $3.00, but if you have a big bunch the size of a cauliflower or so, now we're talkin'. Variety packs, cabomba, and large broad-leaf anubias get extra tubers!!!

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What the diffrences between cannas and aquarium for light supply?
LED Grow light or LED Aquarium light?

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