how do i save a violet?

sasha_one56(5)October 30, 2007

so i work in an assisted living facility and i've become known as 'the plant girl' since i'm relatively young(24) and new here at this place. they have some african violets that need help bad! it looks to me like they haven't been watered for some time and that some kind of orange-ish yellow fungus has started to grow in the soil. also, the soil has eroded from the base of the plant and that fungus is all over that, too. the leaves are deeeeeeeep green and all kinds of limp. can i save this plant? or is it a goner?? :*(

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so i was playing around with this violet and i realized the actual base of the violet is dead :( the other one i may be able to save b/c it was a small pot with 2 small violets- i split them up and gave them fresh soil and i plan on watering them from the bottom. i also started 2 leaves in a plastic baggie and some soil and some mist to see if i can get them to root. keep your fingers crossed for me, these poor violets need all the help they can get!!

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You could actually try to save the one with a dead base, too. I left a link below to Rob's instructions on how to "restore" a violet with a very long neck. Maybe you could do the same: cut off the rotten part of the stem, remove a bunch of lower leaves (leave just a few younger leaves) till you have a short neck with healthy tissue only, and re-root this. The stem of my very first violet once rotted completely, and I saved it like that, by re-rooting the tiny part that was still alive. And I still have that plant, it's doing great.

Here is a link that might be useful: restoring a violet

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thanks for the suggestion but it crumpled into dust :(

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

"thanks for the suggestion but it crumpled into dust :("

Oh you poor thing. Yes, I think that's the point at which it's okay to admit defeat. :0(

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If any leaves are left from the plant you can still save it by starting a new one.
Fred in NJ

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Yes, you can save a leaf and start a new one but it will be many months before you would see a bloom, do you have the patience for that , might be better to get a new one or try to save one not so far gone,,, good luck.

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