new planlets growing on top of mother leave

calshaye(3)October 23, 2012

Hi everyone, hope all is well. I'm new to the AV world and this is my 3rd post so please bear with me. I put down many leaves a couple of months ago and I finally have mouse ears on some of them, which is amazing because I messed up the 1st batch I tried but things seem to be going ok thanks for all the advice.

My question is I have baby plantlets growing on top of the mother leaves, is this common and how do I take care of them when it's time to replant the babies into their own pots? I don't want to screw things up so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

I saw that same thing on a youtube video. Amazing, so very interesting. Hope you get some input on what to do.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Cal -

it happens often when the mother leaf had some laceration on the top or a crack. What you can do - you wait until your piggy-back plantlets are good size - 3-4 leaves over a dime size. Then you can accurately cut them off mama- leaf - and root under the baggie in a soil. They root immediately. Or you can cover the mother leaf with the baggie - and put some humid sphagnum moss around the plantlet - it will also develop roots - and you can move the piggy into the soil - roots and sphagnum.


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