what causes leave twisting??

nova12(zone 2)October 30, 2007

I have many many violets, and only a couple of them do this, and I cant figure out why. The leaves twist off to the side. So instead of this nice little rosette, I get the rosette and the bottom leaves twist to the side. I cant see it being a light issue, it is on an east windowsill, and it has been under lights, it is always bottom watered with weak fertilizer. I also rotate it as well. Could it just be a genetic trait to have some leaves twist?

Thanks everyone

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Most likely it is in the plants genes which is why I avoid many of the violet hybrids with girl leaves and curly leaves.
Fred in NJ

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nova12(zone 2)

This one is a noid.....and doesnt have either of those characteristics......but the blooms have been sporting the past few times, so maybe it's just a bit wonky to begin with. AND now I am cursing myself because I just received some girl and curly leaf leaves, but only for the blooms.....I hope they dont have this gene.

Thanks Fred

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It could be wrong in your case... but in my case, I've noticed that the leaves twist when they touch something, like other leaves from neighboring AVs, or the glass of the window. I have this when I place many AVs so close together. When they were still babies, the leaves were small but eventually when they grew, the leaves got larger and ended up touching one another so that they got twisted. (Some got into very awkward directions too!)

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irina_co(z5 CO)

They definitely twist if they touch something. But Fred is right - some of them have a genetic trait to go noodles no matter what. I had it with a Taffetta Petticoats - there always a leaf or 2 that wants to hug the rest of them.

I do not think that all girl and curly leaves do it, mostly they grow OK, but not as perfectly symmetrical as "boy" leaves regarding getting the Best in Class at the show. But good enough to enjoy it at home.

There are may be 30 varieties that grow naturally symmetrically for the show - but we want more variety in our home collections.

Regarding the NOID that curls, sports and irritates you - either send it to compost - or give it to somebody who will enjoy it as is. There are so many beautiful varieties that will give you enjoyment - there no sense to waste your time and space on something that drives you nuts. I think you will have fun with girl leaves.


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nova12(zone 2)

Oh no, don't get me wrong, other than the leaves twisting, I love that particular AV, that is why I keep it around. I has beautiful pink fantasy blossoms, and a pretty plain leaf. It grows almost symmetrical, except for the twist.

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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

Hah! You want twist? Get Tiny Moon Goddess; *all* her leaves move to one side when she blooms -- a bit disconcerting at first, but fun when you get used to it.

Korina, not really married to the whole 'perfect rosette' thing, as should be obvious with her David Senk fangirlyness...

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