Love struck Betta in Community tank

imaginators(z6 KY)January 31, 2005

This is for those who have a male Betta and not sure what fish to put in with them. If you lool at the aquarium gallery section with post titled Betta and Aquarium that is me. I have a 12 gallon glass tank. Today I added with my single male Betta, named Picazzo, 2 female Bettas and 2 Cory catfish. My Betta, Picazzo, is having the time of his life with his new female partners. He doesn't peck the females but rather puts on a show for them, like a Peacock or a Rooster. His gills flare out and he spreads his fins out beautifully. He is like a proud male showing off. The females act like...oh give me a break and swim off. Being very indifferent but not afraid. I have plenty of plants for 2 females to hide if need be. If they do breed and most likely they will, I will purchase a net container that attaches itself into the aquarium for the frys. The 2 cory catfish stay together and the Bettas leave them alone. This week I plan on buying some live food for all of them. I would like to make it a once a month thing to do. Store the food in refrigerator to give them a bit each day. I am having so much fun with my new fish. My next fish to get will be 3 red Tetras. Since my aquarium is small, that will probably be all that i get unless I see one more beautiful female Betta. I do not have a divider in this aquarium since my fish are not fighting each other, as 2 male Bettas would over territory.


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what great news! i can just see him now, "hey, baby, watch me flex." wonderful!

by the way, i saw some pics earlier but i can't rmember which thread. you did a great job on putting them together in an album!

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Theresa, I mainly wanted to caution you on the live food idea.. I once had a betta and I only fed him blood worms that I kept in the refrigerator and he ended up getting a HORRIBLE disease where their scales stick out and it's literally kidney failure and there's nothing you can do! This only comes from bad bacteria in live food so I just don't think it's worth it anymore. You can do frozen blood worms and use a toothpick to drop individual worms in. But he only likes "Betta Bits" by top fin anyway and it's SAFE! I know it's like 6 years later after your post but still wanted to comment.

I rescued a male betta from co-worker who was keeping him in a bowl with NOTHING in it and kept forgetting to feed him. So many people don't realize that these hardy fish can survive in those conditions but they only thrive in heated, filtered aquariums with things like live plants, etc.. They're naturally from a hot region so they like their water 78-82%. So many people beg to differ on this because they have had "happy" bettas that live for a year, but guess what? They can live to be 7 YEARS OLD but only if they are well cared for and not just surviving.

I set him up with 2.5 gallon heated and filtered aquarium and have had water tested, etc... He's so HAPPY! I even ordered something called Indian Almond Leaves from an aquarium supply website and put them in my tank and he LOVES THEM! They're not only an aphrodisiac for bettas but they mock the same environment that they are from where these leaves fall in the water. The leaves are REALLY good for the water quality and they build bubble nests under them. Anyway, my male betta has just been so happy and giddy (with his nice aquarium, live plants and mirror hanging there so he can take on himself!), I felt he was ready for a girlfriend! So I started a 10 gallon aquarium that has a divider in case they don't get along, and I haven't moved him over yet until the aquarium has fully cycled. But in meantime I brought first female betta home and was going to let her be first one in the 10 gallon, but I let her sit in his aquarium while I was doing some stuff and they totally seemed FINE! So I risked it and released her in the 2.5 gallon that he's in and they're GREAT! He's just duking it out with the mirror and seems to be showing off for her! She seems kind of interested too! They both keep going under the floating leaf at different times and it seemed like he was working on the bubble nest after I put them together! I'm having so much fun!!! I'm going to get 2 more females and they can all live in 10 gallon with tons of real plants for them to hide if there are issues. ;)

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imaginators(z6 KY)

It amazes me how this same Betta post has continued through the years. I no longer have a Betta but have moved on to a 75 gallon Salt water aquarium for the past 4 years. I also have 1,900 gallon pool/pond for 18 Koi fishes along with a 200 gallon water garden of water lilies. My deep passion seems to always be the Koi fishes. That has never changed. Maybe because they are a lot easier to care for and are very beautiful to watch like jewels in the water.

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