Ich on Baby Goldfish

jcjcjcxJanuary 26, 2008

Last fall I brought 10 of the smallest goldfish indoors that were born in my pond this past summer/fall. All are

doing well, but a few weeks ago I noticed that the smallest is full of spots (like sprinkled salt), kinda

looks like the pictures of ich I found on the internet. It's definetey NOT fungus (had previous experience with

that a few years ago).

Last Sunday I started the salt treatment (raised the salt level to 0.3% over 36 hours) and have not done a water

change since. The water temperature is consistently at 21C (70F). I don't have a heater in the tank since

goldfish prefer the slightly cooler water anyways.

So its now a full 5 days and I don't see much change, except perhaps the 'salt sprinkles' are more defined

(unless its my imagination). Only the one baby ever had these 'sprinkles' - absolutely none of the other fish had any.

Will I need to give the 'salt treatment' more time? How long can I continue the 0.3% salt level safely? Hopefully

its not bothering the other fish - everyone looks ok. Should I move on and try something else? And if I do, do

I have to wait until the salt level goes down with water changes? Or should I at this point move the infected fish

into a 'goldfish bowl' (I have no other tank) and try to treat it separately?

I'm not sure what to do next... (by the way, this little one is barely 5/8" long).

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james_ny(z7 NY)

I would go the a pet shop and get some ich medicine. I don't think the salt will be effective. If the salt doesn't work you run the risk of the other fish getting it. Not worth the risk.

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Buy ich medicine, raise the temp a bit, and crank the aeration.

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